Get to Know More about Liver Cancer Treatments

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The options of liver cancer treatments are based on its stages and whether it is primary or secondary cancer. What are the differences of primary and secondary cancer? Most cases found in liver cancer are that it is a secondary cancer whether the cancer occurs affected by the spreading of cancerous cells from other organs. However, primary cancer is also found in several cases. When it comes to cancer and then the main problem is related to unhealthy lifestyle and since the function of liver is really hard to make sure that our body is free from toxic and dangerous substances.

Liver Cancer Treatments Options

Liver Cancer Treatments

The option of treatment is not easy to be decided since there are a lot of factors to be considered as well. However, with the advance technology and intensive researches nothing that is impossible nowadays. Liver cancer treatments should be conducted based on the stages of the cancer for optimal result and minimize the side effect of the treatment.

1) Respectable stage. It is an early stage when the condition of liver is still in healthy condition. Surgery to remove the cancerous cells is the treatment recommended.

2) Transplantable stage. It is also still in early stage but the condition of liver is no longer in healthy stage so liver transplant is required.

3) Unrespectable stage. In this stage, though the cancerous cells haven’t spread yet but the condition of liver is already in dangerous condition so even liver transplant could not be applied. Common treatment to conduct in this stage is chemotherapy.

4) Advanced stage. This stage is the latest stage when even the liver is damaged and even surgery is not the option and the cancerous cells have spread and affected the other organs. Intensive chemotherapy is required along with intensive treatment to delay the development of cancerous cells as long as possible.

Once liver is damaged in when even the liver cancer treatments are no longer able to deal with the condition means there is no more control of toxins and dangerous substances flowing freely in your body. That kind of condition will lead to several dysfunctions that will cause some serious medical problems since body system is already affected by dangerous properties.

Get to know more about liver cancer treatments is not only giving you knowledge how to treat liver cancer but could encourage you to have a better lifestyle to avoid this kind of medical condition to occur to you.

Things you Need to Know related to Prostate Cancer Prognosis

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It is natural for one to have questions and fears once s/he is suspected of having prostate cancer prognosis. When we are talking about prostate cancer we should not forget that it can metastasize anywhere although the malignant cells from the cancer are mostly spread to pelvis, spine, and bone in the hips. When such condition occurs, the main sign which the malignant cells break away from original tumor (in the prostate gland) is the one to fear of. The abnormal cells will then walking through tissue, lymphatic and your blood system. If cancer cells relocated, they will grow at rapid pace.

Chance of Recovery: Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Prostate Cancer Prognosis

The symptoms then may vary, depend solely on two things: the size of metastases and the location of new cancer cells. If new cancer cells grow in bones, patients will experience pain in the back, thighs, or hip. Sure this only one example, but there is also general symptom such as explained weight loss and fatigue, both of which became common symptoms of prostate cancer. It is not easy to identify the signs of prostate cancer prognosis, especially metastatic one. Therefore it is important for you to consult the doctor immediately in order to seek recommendations. People also need to listen to their body always.

When talking about prognosis, sure we will talk about survival rate of those who live with prostate cancer. According to statistics, people with prostate cancer often have 5-year survival rates but the number depends on many factors such as stage and type of cancer. The number of survival rates, however, refers to the percentage of people who survive at least 5 years after firstly diagnosed with cancer. If there is 90% of 5-year survival rate, it means 90 out of 100 people are successfully survived the cancer.

Metastasized prostate cancer has no cure, but now there are new therapies developed to prolong life of patients. According to statistics, people with metastasized prostate cancer with bone metastasis have 3 percent of chances of survival in five-year, whereas there is 47 percent of survival rate within one year. Meanwhile people with metastasized prostate cancer without bone metastasis have 56 percent of chances of survival in five year, whereas there is 87 percent of survival rate within one year. Life expectancy which related to prostate cancer prognosis depends on a number of factors including PSA level, grade of tumor, and location of metastases, overall health, age, and types of treatments.

Facts You Should Know about Lymph Node Cancer

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Lymph Node Cancer - Cancer is considered as one of the dangerous medical condition today. It is not because there is no treatment solution but fighting cancerous cells is never enough. One example of cancer is lymph node cancer. What do you know about this condition? Our body has blood vessels to distribute blood and our body also has lymph vessels which has similar function but instead of blood, this vessels distribute a substance which looks alike clear water fluid called lymph. The function of lymph is almost similar to red blood cells to distribute oxygen and nutrients in the body cells but lymph system is closely related to immunity system because it also carries white blood cells which has function to fight infection caused by viruses or bacteria and at the same time carries away carbon dioxide to be washed off the body system.

Lymph Node Cancer

Some Facts about Lymph Node Cancer

It is true that the lymph system has prominent role in maintaining our body’s immunity system. Without which our body will be easily infected and get sick. The main cause of lymph node cancer is mostly not started in the lymph system but from somewhere in the body and then the cancerous cells will infect the lymph system and cause the condition.

In other words, there are no such specific things you could do to prevent this kind of cancer because in most cases, lymph node cancer is only happen as secondary cancer not primary. However, healthy lifestyle is what you should do to avoid all kinds of serious medical problems. If you really care with your life and then start to change your lifestyle to the better by consuming only healthy food, avoid junk food is possible and do exercises. Cancerous cells are closely related to the low level of antioxidants in the body while immunity system is not functioning optimally.

Just like any other cancer cases, this kind of cancer is also hard to be identified in the early stages. Why? It is because the size of lymph vessels which are really tiny and almost hard to find. However, whenever it is infected by viruses or even cancer the vessels will be swollen and get larger and that’s how we know there is a serious problem in the lymph vessels. This condition could lead to other complication since the distribution of white blood cells will be disturbed as well as the immunity system. Once someone is diagnosed with lymph node cancer, what they should afraid of is not the cancer itself but the after affect caused by the cancer.

Four Signs of Bone Cancer Symptoms

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This article would like to tell you more about bone cancer symptoms, although we need to talk about the disease first before we get into that. When a tumor grows on bone, any healthy bone tissue will be affected and in turn, destroyed. There are many signs and symptoms that will explain whether the cancer has hit your bone system or not. So we should agree first: those symptoms are existed. However, people with bone cancer might not show any of these signs, as they could merely be just products of certain medical condition. What are signs been talking in here?

Understanding Bone Cancer Symptoms

Bone Cancer Symptoms

Basically, there are a few bone cancer symptoms people need to learn:

1) Some are general signs while others are less common. However, a person with bone cancer may have such symptoms as anemia (a condition where red blood cell is in low level), weight loss, feeling unwell, and fever.

2) Limping, which is often called a fracture on the bone. There is a pronounced limp if the bone came out with tumor, particularly if infection is already reached the leg. This symptom also reveals another sign, in which the bone cancer has reached later-stage.

3) Stiffness and joint swelling. Bone cancer may hit in or near joints, causing it to become stiff or tender and to swell as well. If so, a person will have a painful and limited range of movement.

4) The earliest symptoms would be that of pain and swelling, both of which occur in the area of tumor. The pain will come and go, to be more steady and severe later. And to be honest, they will get worse with movement. The soft tissue nearby the location of tumor might be swelling as well.

As of bone cancer care, there will be a few doctors working together to start overall treatment plan, which usually combines a few types of treatments. Such approach is also known as multidisciplinary team. Recommendations and treatment options will be needed although its implementation depend on several factors, including patient’s overall health and preferences, possible side effects, stage and type of cancer. The primary treatment would be that of surgery, which is for a low-grade tumor. The goal of such treatment is to remove the abnormal cells completely. As for a high-grade tumor, combination of treatments will be needed, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

So, if you have experience with one of these bone cancer symptoms, there is no other way but to call your doctor.        

Several Types of Lung Cancer Treatment

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You should really understand that when a person is diagnosed with cancer it doesn’t mean that the world will reach its end. Today, thanks to advance medical technology, there are a lot of treatments and solutions for patients with cancers. Recent studies have found an intensive and effective lung cancer treatment. You could consider yourself lucky since you’re living in this era but you should fully aware that cancer is not an easy medical condition to deal with but the number of cancer survivor that is progressively increasing everyday could give a positive support. It is because sometimes mental and will power to survive have big contribution in fighting with cancer.

Types of Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment

The treatment choice is decided by doctor by identifying the current condition of the lung cancer. However, in the early stages, usually the lung cancer treatment that mostly chosen is chemotherapy and then followed by radiotherapy. In advance stages usually more complicated treatments are required since in these stages usually the cancer has spread to several organs, mostly to the brain and the lymph system. So, the treatment will also cover the areas that have been affected by the cancerous cells. In the stage 3 a surgery is required but still it is not an effective solution either. And if somehow the cancer condition has moved to the stage 4 and then the only possible to conduct is just delaying the development of cancerous as long as possible.

The number of lung cancer survivor is still considered low especially when the cancer is detected in the latest stages. However, why don’t you worry about the lung cancer treatment if you could avoid it in the very beginning? Some countries have declared their own war toward this kind of cancer by forbidding production of cigarettes since it is one of the main root of this problem while some countries will put a high tax for the products so the selling price will be unbelievably high so people will think twice to buy cigarettes and save their lungs instead.

Lung cancer is closely related to the unhealthy habit. Heavy smoker has higher risk of this cancer but even the passive smoker could experience the same condition which seems so unfair sometimes. Though there are a lot of solutions of lung cancer treatment with all the modern medical technology today, still it is better to avoid it in the first place than to deal with later.

Breast Cancer Research: Learn some Facts Related to the Disease

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According to some statistics that have been produced by breast cancer research, the disease has become health crises particularly for women in the United States of America. The research isn’t likely talk about such as fact only, but also some other facts like stage of breast cancer, for example. However, before we get into that, we also need to know about early, secondary, and locally advanced about breast cancer. In early breast cancer, the disease won’t be spread beyond of the lymph nodes or breast in the armpit. Basically, early stage of breast cancer is commonly referred to as tumor and it is not spread to other parts of body.

Breast Cancer Research

From Breast Cancer Research: Learn About Staging

Before we get into staging of breast cancer, let’s talk about statistics related to breast cancer:

1) Over 2.8 million women in the USA have a history of breast cancer. The number includes women who have had treatment and women who are currently receiving treatment.

2) From races perspective, Native-American, Hispanic, And Asian women are low in term of dying and developing from breast cancer. However, under 45 years old, African-American women were proven to be more vulnerable to breast cancer. The disease is more common in them.

When people talking about secondary breast cancer, it means the disease is in stage 4 and has spread to other organ within the same body, such as bones or liver. Breast cancer research also mentioned locally advanced breast cancer, which means that the cancer may be bigger (more than 5cm), can be seen in the armpit area particularly in the lymph nodes, and grow into the muscle or skin of the chest. However, the latter doesn’t mean that the cancer has spread to another organ within the same body. It grows bigger but not spread, and this is the point of “locally advanced”. There are a few stages of breast cancer and they all divided into three main stages followed by many sub-stages:

1) T stages: It consists a few stages, including TX, Tis, T1, T2, T3, and T4

2) N stages (nodes): It consists a few stages, including N3, N2, pN1mi, N1, ITCs, N0, and NX

3) M stages (metastases): It consist a few stages, including M1, cMo (i+), and M0.

The detailed information related to breast cancer can be obtained easily through some of breast cancer research spread around some countries in different continents

Learn to Recognize Lung Cancer Symptoms

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People with a specific cancer usually don’t realize that they have cancer until the malignant cells have spread to other part of body, and here we are going to talk about lung cancer symptoms. In case for lung cancer, its symptom won’t reveal until the cancerous cells spread to other organ. So it is important for people to report to doctor if there are any unusual feelings, physically. In relation to lung cancer, unusual feelings can sometimes be connected to bronchitis. Speaking in short words, you should check the body if it is worrisome or it has anything unusual.

Appearance of Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer Symptoms

The major cause of lung cancer would be that of a habit of smoking. Smokers do have greater chance of having lung cancer, and also people who exposed to smoke. However, it doesn’t mean that every patients of lung cancer are smokers. There are people who never smoked but having the disease. It means there is no clear cause that could explain why the disease occurs in one’s body.

Speaking of lung cancer symptoms, they usually take years to develop. So in most cases, patients won’t feel any symptoms until the cancer is advanced. This doesn’t mean there are no symptoms that can be recognized. If lung cancer is likely appear. Patients will experience the following symptoms in the chest:

1) Coughing up blood, mucus, of phlegm
2) Being hoarse
3) Harsh sounds with stridor
4) Shortness of breath
5) A change in sputum (in terms of volume and color)
6) Pain in the back, shoulder, or chest
7) Intense coughing

If lung cancer has spread to other parts of body, there will be symptoms to occur in other places such as the adrenal glands, liver, brain, bones, lymph nodes, and lungs. Symptoms are including:

1) Blood clots
2) Bleeding
3) General weakness
4) Facial or neck swelling
5) Neurological symptoms, such as memory loss or unsteady gait
6) Bone fractures
7) Joint or bone paint, headaches
8) Fatigue
9) Muscle wasting
10) Unexplained weight loss
11) Loss of appetite

In most cases, lung cancer won’t trigger any symptoms and signs particularly in its earliest stages. That’s why it is difficult for people to detect the cancer until it becomes worst.

A genetic test will be required if malignant cells are found in the examined tissue sample. The result of test will help doctors or specialists to choose the best-possible treatment for patients. It is not easy to detect lung cancer, but one can learn to recognize these lung cancer symptoms so that s/he can take some acts of prevention.

What Is Prostate Cancer and the Causes?

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Surely you have known that prostate cancer only could be found in male. The fact is all cells in our body could turn into cancerous cells, what they need is the trigger to start the mutated cells to grow. So, what is prostate cancer and how the development of this cancer? The prostate cancer could be started in the prostate gland or affected by the spreading cancerous cells from other organs. That’s actually why cancer is considered to be dangerous medical condition, not because of the cancer cell itself but much more about the after effect of the spreading of cancerous cells that even healthy cells could be affected, damaged, destroyed and turned into cancerous cells as well.

What is Prostate Cancer and what the causes?

What Is Prostate Cancer

As mentioned above prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland. It is started with a tiny alteration in the cell of prostate gland called PIN or prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. The development if very slow and that’s why the majority of prostate cancer suffered by men over 50 and sometimes they don’t even aware that they have prostate cancer until they died or their doctor find it out for them. What is prostate cancer has been pointed out and how about the causes? The cause of prostate cancer is varies from age, genetic, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet up to obesity.

When it comes to the symptom, prostate cancer occurs almost without symptoms that’s why most of people who are actually having this cancer don’t aware of it. However, if there are symptoms, they will be problem with the urine whether it is too often or the opposite, hard to urinate, blood found in the urine and painful, problem with erection and feel the pain during ejaculation. What is prostate cancer and why it is so difficult to be detected in the early stage? Well, the unique things about this cancer is when urinating is too often people are mistakenly it as symptoms of diabetes that’s why this kind of cancer is really hard to be detected in the early stages.

However, when the stages already reaches medium or even advance when the pain such as during ejaculation or when urinating already starts, that is when most people realize that there is some problem with their prostate and wondering the possibility of this prostate cancer. What is prostate cancer is a common knowledge in US since the most cases found there

5 Types of Skin Cancer You Should Aware Of

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There are several types of skin cancer that everyone should aware of. Most of the cause of skin cancer is from external factor such as direct exposure of UV rays could cause the development of cancerous cells in the body. Unhealthy skin treatment could cause some damages in the skin cells and this condition will affect the healthy cells and the worst case that could happen is cancer condition.

5 Types of Skin Cancer

So far there are five types that have been identified as skin cancer.

1) Actinic Keratosis
2) Basal Cell Carcinoma
3) Melanoma
4) Kaposi’s Sarcoma
5) Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Types of Skin Cancer

Those are the 5 types of skin cancer. So, how could cancerous cells in the body growth? It is actually the first question that will cross your mind whenever cancer hit the topic. As mentioned above the direct exposure of UV ray may contribute in the development of cancerous cells but it is not the only factor. Immunity system and unhealthy lifestyle and diet also have big contribution in the development of cancerous cells in the body.

How about some people who have high mobility to work outside? Actually, it is not the sun that we should afraid of but the UV ray. There are a lot of harmful effects of UV ray for our skin that could cause those types of skin cancer. Actually it is not the only cause because for those who like to tan their skin by using sunbed, the possibility of damaged cells is also high. In summary, we have to take care of our skin really carefully but it is better to use the natural solution only.

So what you should do to avoid and prevent the development of cancerous cells in the body? Change your lifestyle by consuming healthy diet which is rich of antioxidant is highly recommended. Antioxidant is easy to be found in nature and now there are a lot of supplements you could consume as well. Antioxidant has prominent role in fighting the free radicals. Free radicals are the main root of this problem, when they enter the body system; they will start affecting the healthy cells and without you know it the development of mutated cells caused by free radicals will be uncontrollable. That’s why most of those five types of skin cancer cannot or difficult to be detected in the early stages. Most of cancer cases were found when they are already too late.

What is Breast Cancer: a Brief Explanation

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This article would like to talk about what is breast cancer, the leading of health crises for most women who are living in the United States of America. Perhaps not much women is aware of the disease as they tend to ignore a fact that one of eight women could possibly diagnosed with breast cancer. Therefore, it is critical for women to learn much more about breast cancer. The cancer starts when the breast cells start to grow uncontrolled. At first the cells form a tumor which can be seen through an x-ray. That tumor becomes cancerous if it spread to other parts of the body or invade surrounding tissue.

Understanding what is breast cancer

What is Breast Cancer

When talking about breast cancer, people should learn that the cancer can begin in the ducts, a sort of pipe that carries milk to the nipple. However, the cancer may also start from different parts of the breast, as there was a case that shown the cancer which occur first in the glands that produce milk. What is breast cancer also involve other information, through which women need to learn another fact: the cancer can cause a lump in the breast. However, not all types of breast cancer do that. Moreover, there are also several symptoms of breast cancer that should be watched. And if they appear, it would be better for you to report to doctors or specialists.

The following list will tell you a lot about symptoms of breast cancer:

1) The breast-skin started to flake, scale, or peel
2) Breast changes are visible, including their shape and size
3) The nipple may become inverted or sunken
4) One of the nipples may contain blood or has a discharge
5) A lump in a breast
6) Thickened tissue in certain area of a breast

There are few steps to be taken by women who want to help their body to stay healthy as long as possible. Steps including limiting alcohol, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet, are good and may help you reduce the risk of having breast cancer. In general, if your body has developed breast cancer, don’t think it is your fault. It’s not everyone fault. Feeling guilty won’t help you getting better and most importantly, isn’t productive as well.

It would be important for women to learn much more about what is breast cancer, along with these symptoms, so that they can consult to doctor immediately after one or two of these have appeared.

What is Breast Cancer ICD 10?

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Here we’d like to talk about breast cancer ICD 10, which basically can be traced back to its root, connecting to such a concept as neoplasm. The latter refers to abnormal tissue growth which is the result of rapid division of cells. However, neoplasm is not cancer. It can be either non-cancerous or cancerous. Moreover, neoplasm can be fluid-filled and may be malignant or benign. Malignant is cancerous, means that came from abnormal cells that growth rapidly and spread to other part of body without control. In one side, benign neoplasm is not cancerous and is not spread surround tissue. It may grow larger but can be treated with surgery, for example.

Breast Cancer ICD 10

More on Breast Cancer ICD 10

If you want to know which cancer that becomes common in the USA, it is breast cancer. About 12 % women (or 1 out of 8 women) in the USA will have a breast cancer during their lifetime. Statistics from the American Cancer Society given us three estimation of the breast cancer in 2016:

1. In 2016, 40,450 women in USA will die due to breast cancer.

2. New cases, or about 61,000 cases, of CIS will be diagnosed in the USA alone, particularly in women.

3. New cases, or about 246,660 cases, of invasive breast cancer will be suspected to women.

In short, breast cancer ICD 10 refers to a coding system which helps doctor or specialist defining the disease and the signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or illness. Neoplasm is placed from C00-D48 within such coding system. So if breast cancer is defined as benign, it is non-cancerous. On the contrary, it defines as cancerous when the tumor (which is not cancer) spread to other organ within the same body. If the latter happened, then cancer may be treated using adjunct treatments or surgery. Malignant neoplasm also being classified into two types: secondary and primary. It is primary when point of origin has been defined, whereas it is secondary when the cancer has spread to another organ within the same body.

When examine a patient who is suspected of having breast cancer, a doctor or specialist will follow the guide as been explained by ICD 10. From which point, people who have general or specific symptoms of cancer should not be worried as some symptoms may be caused by medical treatment. That’s why it is important for us to learn about breast cancer ICD 10 so that we know how to deal with characteristic of neoplasm.

Deal with Secondary Liver Cancer Prognosis

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This article would like to talk about secondary liver cancer prognosis, but before we get into that it is important to learn about the disease first. When it comes to liver, people need to know one important fact about such organ: it can still work finely although some part of it affected by cancer. And when we are talking about secondary liver, it means the cancer has reached the liver from another part of organ. That’s why it is called secondary liver cancer. Symptoms of the disease include feeling generally tired and unwell. Other symptoms include lose weight, feel sick, and having pain on the right side of your body.

General Thought on Secondary Liver Cancer Prognosis

Most people are worried about secondary liver cancer prognosis, particularly when it comes to their outlook. This is mainly related to a hope to recover completely. In general it would be difficult to say what is going to happen when such cancer occur. A doctor is the only one who can guide you, because s/he has information you need to help you battle with the cancer. A general idea then will arise from a doctor. And when it comes to your outlook (prognosis), it depends on many factors including how the cancer respond to particular treatment, how quickly the cancer is growing, and whether secondary liver cancer has spread to other part of your body.

Secondary Liver Cancer Prognosis

A complete examination is needed, particularly to check whether someone has secondary liver cancer or not. The examination will include general check on upper abdomen. Doctor will feel it to see if it is tender to touch or enlarged. A doctor will also take a blood test in order to check your general health. How does the liver work can be checked from a blood test too? You are suspected of having secondary liver cancer if you’ve had such a cancer before.


A doctor usually tell people with secondary liver cancer what type of treatment to be followed and whether it is not possible or no longer working for them. Although this situation can be a shock, the patient needs to prepare all sorts of questions, which could be difficult to answer and to ask at the same time. You may ask the specialist, or hospital nurse, or GP about information to a symptom control. One of them will help you controlling the cancer symptoms of secondary liver cancer prognosis and then improve the physical well being.