Does Vaping Cause Lung Cancer?

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Does vaping cause lung cancer? Before you get an answer whether this is true or not, you should read a few reviews about the existence vape or the electric cigarette. Occurrences vape is like being a boon for smokers loveliest especially with the label 'safer' than conventional cigarettes. Vape able offer all the pleasures of smoking tobacco with lower health risks for smokers just inhale water vapor and traces of nicotine. However, there are various studies actually reveal the dangers of using vape. This electric cigarette contains harmful substances that have an impact on the lung health of either the user or passive smokers.

Does vaping cause lung cancer

Electric cigarette or better known as the vape does not use tobacco. However, vape still contain nicotine that can cause inflammation in the lungs. Although vape not use tobacco, the nicotine in vape certainly still have an impact on health, especially the lungs. There is a study of the Hellenic Cancer Society stating that vaping cause cancer because the using of vaping may soon damage the lung function and lasts for less than 30 minutes after smoking. From these results could indicate that vaping proved to have short-term harmful effects. Steam Smoke electric cigarette is possible to contain traces of chemicals that can cause cancer such as acrolein, formaldehyde, aldehydes, and diethylene glycol. With a variety of research done, you can conclude about ' does vaping cause lung cancer' or not.

So far, various studies may indicate that the electric cigarette or vape produce toxins at a lower level compared to tobacco cigarettes that is where it certainly can be concluded that the risks are lower. Nevertheless, the existence of vape is certainly not without risk. In addition, the recent emergence of vape that must also be a little difficult to unravel whether the cause lung problems or other health than the rest of the electric cigarette or cigarette tobacco use before. Low risk certainly cannot be equated with any risk. When you can reduce or avoid tobacco of using electric or tobacco, it is certainly much better for your health personally or the people that are around you. Effects and risks to passive smokers are no less high than active smokers are. Still there are various studies carried out to assess the effects and risks that may result from the use of vaping.

Vape electric cigarette or indeed the current trend especially among children especially these cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors that is sure to become a special attraction to enjoy a cigarette. Although many claim that the use of electric cigarette is safe, it was not without risk. So, when you ask about 'does vaping cause lung cancer?’ this may be at risk because the vape also contain nicotine that can trigger cancer risk.

Does Sucralose Cause Cancer?

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Does Sucralose Cause Cancer
Does Sucralose Cause Cancer
Does sucralose cause cancer? Or, is there a safe sugar substitute for diet and prevent cancer? Some of these questions may come to mind many people especially now that there are many food and beverage products that use a substitute for sugar. When you enter a keyword on sucralose causes cancer, you might find two answers at a time that is 'yes' and 'no'. It is indeed quite reasonable because research conducted related linkages sucralose and cancer was conducted by researchers with the media and many different ways. There are some article on the internet explaining that a study showed that leukemia in mice where this means that the answer is 'yes'. In addition, you can also find studies that claim that use of sucralose does not show an increase in the risk of cancer in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Some people may still puzzled why many people have the question 'does sucralose cause cancer?' but on the other hand they do not understand what exactly the sucralose. Sucralose or Splenda is as a non-nutritive sweetener that has a taste much sweeter than table sugar. Sucralose is made by starting from sucrose. By processing this fact can give effect to boost insulin levels and increase the growth of cancer cells. although so far no retrospective case series of human cancers associated with saccharin, the stigma that appear in the society makes the study continues to show whether sucralose causes cancer or not.

The times as is the case today does offer many choices including the use of sweeteners used for diet or other needs. With the increasing number of retrospective case series, diabetes caused by excessive sugar consumption, many people try to do a sugar diet but still could get a sweet sensation. One way is to utilize a variety of refined sugars that shift function of table sugar. Until now, there have been no final studies suggest a link between cancer and sucralose. However, some studies support this association even though performed on animals as a media research. Therefore, when you have a question of 'does sucralose cause cancer?' you might get two answers are yes and no at the same time, because it is still in the research phase is to be evaluated and studied.

Does Stevia Cause Cancer?

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Does Stevia Cause Cancer

You may have heard that artificial sweeteners are dangerous to health could even be one of the triggers of cancer. In this case, you may have the question 'does stevia cause cancer' because so far the plant is known as a natural sweetener that is very popular. Enjoy the food and drinks were sweet indeed being fun first, this can also be a mood booster. However, the sweet taste of sugar apparently not as sweet as it could have a negative effect on the body such as increased risk of diabetes.
This is why many people are looking for alternative sweeteners instead of sugar. One of them is quite popular is stevia. The use of stevia turned out not new because this plant has been used as a sweetener since centuries ago. Sweet stevia owned more than 30 times the sweetness of sugar normal.

Around 1991, the FDA of USA that consumes stevia can trigger cancer. This is why many people feel confused and wonder about the statement from the FDA. many people have the question 'does stevia cause cancer' but on the other hand there are many people who said that the use of stevia in fact have a positive impact. The statement from the FDA get a refutation of the research conducted in 1995 so that the distribution of stevia was finally able to get across America as a supplement and not as a sweetener. Stevia itself consists of various types with the characteristics and uniqueness of each. Around the year 2008, the use of stevia is back in getting the ban with accusations that the use of stevia causing cancer. The study conducted by the University of California. However, various other studies actually show results that counter. In fact, Japan makes stevia as the only sweetener that may be used in Japan.

Although there are many statements that mention about the issues that stevia to cause cancer, it will also lead to contradictory from many other parties who actually said that stevia is a natural sweetener that is very safe to use. Stevia is not carcinogenic and low in calories so it is suitable for use by people with diabetes and obesity. By using stevia as a sweetener to replace sugar, people with diabetes and obesity can still enjoy delicious sweet foods more safely. However, of course, consumption of sweet foods excessively certainly still is not good for health. Although stevia is safe for use, when consumed in excess must also remain at risk. With some explanations above, you might find the answer to the question 'does stevia cause cancer'.

Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer?

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Does Smoking Meat Cause CancerDoes smoking meat cause cancer? This may be one of the questions emerged lately. Various articles have sprung up in various media, especially the Internet stating that the consumption of salami trigger cancer risk. Whereas, on the other hand, consumption of smoked foods such as smoked bacon and sausage is something delicious and fun. The resulting flavor is so typical of smoked foods than foods that are fried or steamed. Method of curing the meat is actually not a new way in the world of food because of the way it has been done since the days of the Indian tribes. How this is done to preserve food such as fish and meat. Smoked foods actually still contain nutrients for the proper processing method such as by not smoked for too long and the temperature is not too hot. Smoked foods can be one of the triggers of cancer when treated with an improper way.

If you have any questions 'does smoking meat cause cancer', you should look into the matter more deeply. There are some things that the risk of harm to the salami. First, one of the things that endanger the salami is their carbon dioxide content. When the amount of these substances into the body in large amounts, it certainly can harm our health. Moreover, even though the evaporation process is often used as a way to preserve meat or fish, when this is done in a way that is not appropriate even to add various preservatives, it can be triggering cancer risk becomes higher. Another thing that makes salami could be the cause of cancer is the content of PAHs and HCAs. Both of these substances are compounds that may arise in the process of cooking with high temperatures.

Both compounds are PAHs and HCAs more dangerous substances on the smoking meat. PAH or Polyclynic Aromatic Hydrocarbon may be formed from the combustion occurring substance derived from the imperfect and inorganic substances and organic gases. You can identify these substances from the texture of the meat is burnt like charcoal. This substance can help the development of cancer in the body. When the content of these substances into the body in large amounts, it certainly can trigger cancer risk. The smoked meat is not as a cause of cancer when getting the process right. Some people often do fogging excessively to obtain the desired maturity so that the exterior looked charred. When there is a question of 'does smoking meat cause cancer', it certainly should be seen in how and the processing and curing are performed.

Does Johnson and Johnson cause Cancer? Check it now!

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Does Johnson and Johnson cause CancerHave you ever heard about the news ‘does Johnson and Johnson cause cancer?” Johnson and Johnson is a brand for the baby product. The brand is so professional and expert in this baby product world. Almost every people around the world familiar with this brand and they love to use from the baby powder, baby shampoo or others. Until one day the news come out that Johnson and Johnson produce a baby product that can cause cancer. Of course, people get shock because the brand already exists in this world long time more than 20 years. It is such kind of unbelievable fact.

Does Johnson and Johnson cause cancer? The customers always ask about that question to the doctor. Johnson and Johnson produce so many product include the feminine wash. The rumors come out to the public because of a case that causes women death. She dead because of ovarian cancer and she already fight for it for about 3 years. She always used the product from Johnson and Johnson like baby powder and feminine wash. Finally, the family prosecutes that case into the judiciary. They win the case and Johnson and Johnson have to pay for money because the company did not tell the customer that they put a danger chemical on the product. Some news told that there were two kind of ingredients that can cause cancer from the Johnson And Johnson product. They are formaldehyde and dioxane. After the case then the brand make a clarification and some foundation start to clean up the product from the market.

Today, Johnson and Johnson still exist on the market and customer can use the product again without need any worry about the cancer. In some country there is any foundations that do some check before let the product sell in the market. It uses to protect the customer from the same case again. Does Johnson And Johnson cause cancer? In some product that is true but you today you can feel safe about using the product from that brand. Please check for the news that you read before believe it so that you will get the right information.

Does HPV Cause Ovarian Cancer?

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Does HPV Cause Ovarian CancerCancer is never become a happy news for everyone. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer? That question is not a new thing anymore. The question becomes so common because many women get the surprise of ovarian cancer. This is become a murder disease in women life. Ovarian cancer or also well known as cervical cancer is so danger. On the first stage or early stage it never shows the real symptom. That is the reason why when they get this kind of cancer then everything will be change. The life will never be same anymore.

HPV is the Human Papiloma Virus. This virus has more than 60 types of viruses but not all the viruses are danger for human. The most dangers are the virus number 16 and number 18. Those viruses can cause the cervical cancer or ovarian cancer to women. This cancer can come to every woman in every age. Today you can get the vaccine to get the more protection for your body. It really helps to make your body have good immune so that you will not easy to attack by the cancer. Woman from the teenagers’ age can get this vaccine. You can go to the medical center to get it now. If you are active in sexual activity then you should have more self awareness about this cancer. The most common sign is that you have the whitish on your vagina for long time with bad smell. Besides that you will also find the bleeding on your vagina although you do not have your period. Ovarian cancer does not always give you hurt sensation on your stomach. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer is true. If you find those symptoms then you have to go the doctor to get more detail examination. Do not play with cancer because a little time you have will be so important.

Ovarian cancer is unseen. Once you get this disease then you should make sure that you follow all the step of the medical treatment to kill the cancer cell. If the cancer is already spread then the doctor will usually take a surgery of your ovarian. It means that you will never have a baby from your own womb. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer? The answer is yes.

Does Mountain Dew Cause Cancer?

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Does Mountain Dew Cause Cancer
Does Mountain Dew cause cancer? It may be a question some people especially those who frequently consume these beverages. There is no direct relationship between Mountain Dew with cancer. However, you should understand that these drinks contain many substances that can lead to cancer when consumed excessively or continuously. Mountain Dew is a kind of carbonated soft drinks that contain high levels of caffeine and sugar as is often found in other soft drinks. Although the contents contained in the drink are not carcinogenic but may increase the risk of cancer for both children and adults. Consuming soft drinks with high sugar could spur on diabetes and obesity in which both of these conditions can increase the risk of developing cancer. Although Mountain dew does not cause cancer directly, if you are indeed someone who likes Mountain Dew, you can drink with small quantities and irregular to reduce the risk of cancer.

During this time people often have the notion that the drinks are quite dangerous and can lead to cancer is an alcoholic beverage. However, you should understand that a variety of soft drinks with high sugar content could also boost cancer formation in the body. As it is known that the high sugar content certainly is not good for health because it can lead to obesity and diabetes are two things that can increase the risk of cancer. Carbonated drinks like Mountain Dew may not provide direct effect on the health risks including cancer. However, when you ask 'does Mountain Dew cause cancer?’ you might find the answer that the consumption of this drink in large quantities and sustained will increase the risk of cancer.

Consuming carbonated beverages seems to be fun thing to do. Nevertheless, you should be more careful against the risk of health problems when you consume in large quantities and sustainable. Most soft drinks contain substances proven even a potential carcinogen that can cause cancer, especially coming from artificial colors used in the drink. If you are indeed among those who like to drink soda, you should limit the number of buses began to feel ye drink. You can replace with other healthier drinks such as water and fresh juices. By understanding how the content and impact of the consumption of soft drinks, you probably already have an idea of  does Mountain Dew cause cancer or not.

Does HPV Cause Cancer in Males? Check it now!

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Does HPV cause cancer in males
Does HPV cause cancer in males? That question becomes so booming in the last days, No one in this world who can be happy when cancer cells are available in their body. Cancer is a silent killer and the worst thing is that cancers sometimes do not show any sign or symptoms. One of the virus that can cause a cancer is Human Papilomavirus (HPV). In the medical world, HPV is a kind of virus that consist more than 60 types of viruses. The most danger HPV viruses are the number 16 and 18. Those two kinds of HPV viruses can change into the cervical cancer. For women that cervical cancer is the first killer.

Today, you can get the HPV vaccine. Does HPV cause cancer in males is really rare. If you are active in sexual activity then use a condom to protect yourself from this disease. Condom will never make you 100% free from any sexual disease but at least it will give you better protection than nothing. HPV is usually because some wart and it can grow in every parts of your body. If you love to do the anal sex then you have to be careful with this virus. Be aware too when you love to change your sex partner. Viruses can available and can move from one body to others by doing sexual activity. Although most of the HPV viruses are not danger but we never know when we meet the dangerous one.

Does HPV cause cancer in males? Some of the cancer types that can happen to male because of this HPV virus are penile cancer and anal cancer. Some of the symptoms of this cancer are like:

Penis’ skin changes the color into the darker.

Reddish rash

Small lumps crusty

Your penis produce a liquid with bad smell

The tip of your penis become so swell


If you find the symptoms like above then you better go to the doctor immediately. Do not wait longer because cancer can grab your life anytime. The doctor will check more with some method to identify about your cancer stage.

Do Cheetos Cause Cancer? Be Aware!

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Do Cheetos cause cancer
For them who have children then they should be aware when choosing any kind of food or snack. Some of the snack that available in the market is not good. Of course, the best meal is that when we can make and cook it by ourselves. Sometimes, we are too busy to cook then we just buy some snack or food in a restaurant or store. One of the rumors is about do Cheetos cause cancer? Cheetos is a snack that becomes a favorite for almost every child. Of course, the taste is delicious full of cheese flavor and corn texture.

Do Cheetos cause cancer? Still cannot be proven. Maybe today the laboratories still do some research about it. Some sources told about this issue because of Cheetos consist of some chemical ingredients. It also consist some food colorful and additional cheese flavor that contains MSG. When we consume too much MSG every day then of course our body will not get good nutrient. For children who are still in a infancy moment then they should eat well and drink good water. The best food is that fresh food like vegetables, fresh fruit, milk and all of food that you cook at home. Do not give additional chemical like MSG or food color that can cause some bad effect later. The real effect is like hyperactive and loses their appetite.

Cheetos also consist of metal benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate. Cancer is kind of cells that already available in our body but before the cells active then everything will be okay. That is the reason why do not eat any processed food to much so that the cancer cells will not attack your body. Love your body and love your children too by giving them good quality of food. You better make it from real corn or potato and they will love it more. Do Cheetos cause cancer? Become so viral especially in social media. Parents become so afraid of giving their children this kind of snack because of that rumor. If you heard of some rumor just take a real source that can be proven of the information.

DIPG Cancer Symptoms You should Know

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DIPG cancer symptoms
Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or people usually know with DIPG is a kind of condition where tumor is available in your brain. When the tumor become so malignant then it will change into cancer and it means that you should be ready for the cancer treatment. DIPG cancer symptoms will make you more aware of your real condition. Sometimes, people do not realize that cancer begin to spread on their body until it become so late. That is the reason why cancer called as the silent killer. No one can predict where and when cancer will grow.

The stage of DIPG cancer divided into 4 stages. It comes from 1st stage until 4th stages for the last stage from cancer. The benign tumor is usually available in the 1st and 2nd stage but when it becomes so malignant then the stage will be in 3rd and 4th stages. For the Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma the tumor is in the glial brain tissue. The tissue is connected the nerve cells and the brain fibers. Most of the brain tumors are the glioma. By knowing the DIPG cancer symptoms then you will help your body to get the best treatment. The more you get the medical treatment the better for your life. Remember that you can’t play with cancer. Every type of cancer include the DIPG will show different symptoms. Some factors that support the symptoms are like size of the tumor, location of the tumor and also the growth. If the tumor grows slowly then it will not show any symptoms. For the other symptoms for the next stages are like headache, convulsions or fainting. If you find any headaches that really disturb your activity then you should go to the doctor to get more check.

DIPG cancer symptoms cannot be underestimated. When you late to check for your condition then it will cause some bad effect such as dead. DIPG can happen to everyone without seen the background. It can even happen to the children with young age. Some medical treatments that usually do to save the cancer patient are like brain surgery.

Dallas Cowboys Awareness to Breast Cancer

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Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Awarenesss ApparelDallas Cowboys is an NFL team located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The team is a member of the Eastern Division. Established in 1960, the team has been crowned world champions for five times. They are the only team on NFL to record 20 straight winning. Since 2010, the Dallas Cowboys have partnered with Susan G. Komen. The partnership is done to raise awareness for breast cancer among fans. There is also Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel, containing various products in pink. Dallas Cowboys fans have come to know that October is pink for everything. They know already that it is the league's and the team’s way of raising awareness to breast cancer.

The NFL and the Dallas Cowboys has partnered with the American Cancer Society since 2009, which raises money for cancer screenings and education. The direction of the NFL’s A Crucial Catch campaign allows teams, including the Cowboys to pick breast cancer for the long term. But, for the next season the regulation has been changed since NFL teams are allowed to choose the form of cancer they will support.  Teams like Dallas Cowboys will be able to choose to highlight any form of cancer. Though the regulation and direction for the support has been changed, but some fans believed that Dallas Cowboys will still support breast cancer. Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel will still be launched and bought via NFL Shop as well as Dallas Cowboys retail. The team will still showing their awareness to breast cancer.

Though the awareness to breast cancer month is in October, you can still find the Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Awarenesss Apparel on the team’s official store or NFL Shop. You can even some bucks if buying the products today since there are special discounts for those items.  About the quality, you do not have to worry because those apparel products are using the same materials as the official products or merchandises. So, if you want to show your support to breast cancer survivors or breast cancer education, you can use Dallas Cowboys pink apprel as media; it is a good, fun way to give support.

Dallas Cowboys Worn Human Awareness Ribbon

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Dallas Cowboys, one of the NFL teams launched Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel to show their support to the National Breast Cancer Awareness. The collaboration has been done for seven years. The Dallas Cowboys host their Breast Cancer Awareness game against Cincinnati at their home base, AT&T Stadium. In the event, Cowboys hosted approximately 100 survivors and co-survivors. The players also used a human awareness ribbon on field.

Football fields around the league also featured a human awareness ribbon shield stencils on both the 25-yard lines as well as special balls with pink ribbon logs. There were also footballs and other pink game-worn items, including gloves and cleats, auctioned off at NFL Auction site. Retail and the NFL Auction website also sold various pink items to collect funds that will be donated to cancer patients and survivors. The money raised supports the CHANGE program, providing outreach and breast cancer screenings. The Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel is also available on the websites.

Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel

Here are 10 things we should keep in mind for Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel and Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

1) In 2015, Fort Worth treated more than 400 patients for breast cancer-related diagnosis.

2) Mammography and self-examination save lives. You are suggested to start getting exams in your teens and taking yearly mammograms when you are 40.

3) Women with dense breast tissue have higher risk of breast cancer than they women with average breast density.

4) Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in 40 to 55 years old women.

5) Nearly 2,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer occur in men every year.

6) Smoking increases the risk of breast cancer, particularly in women who start smoking at very young age.

7) 85% of all breast cancer diagnoses with no family history.

8) Breast cancer case is highest in non-Hispanic white women and the lowest is among Asian/Pacific Islander women.

9) Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as exercising 150 minutes per week help decrease the risk for breast cancer.

10) Limiting alcohol helps reducing the chance of developing breast cancer.