Danger Scab in Nose Cancer

If you find scab in your nose then go to the doctor immediately. Scab in nose cancer is not a new thing. Many people never realize about this danger disease until they find some trouble with their nose. Sometimes, the sign of cancer is unusual. It can be a dot or just like a pimple. The scab in your nose may benign but it may also become so malignant. That is the reason why you need some test to make sure whether the disease is cancer or not.

Scab is often associated with the sinus suffered. The other name of nose cancer is nasopharyngeal. This early stage of cancer is so difficult to detect. That is the reason why when the patient come to the doctor means that the stage is already high. Here are some symptom that you may aware when it happen to your nose.

Scab in Nose Cancer

Blockage in the nose complete with viscous mucus. The patient will also feel difficult to olfactory. On this stage the tumor is usually already exist on the nasopharyngeal cavity.

The patients will have long cold condition. It even happens without any interference on the nose.

Frequently have the nosebleeds.

Besides the scab in nose cancer the symptom can also happen on your ear, neck. When the neck you can find any tumor or any swelling then it means that the cancer is already spread to others part of your body. On the next stage the cancer can make you paralyzed on your eyes muscle.

You can also find difficult to eat and to talk. This is the danger stage of nose cancer. The main cause of the nose cancer is Epstein Barr virus. The more you eat salty fish or any food with preservation process then it will make the virus active.

Try to have good and healthy life style. Consume good food and drink that you cook by yourself. The taste may not too delicious but it best for your body. Love your body and it will give you the good effect. When the cancers come to you then you need to have medical treatment.


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