Knowing Prostate Cancer Survival Rate by Age

Prostate cancer survival rate by age is kind of information that many patient want to know. Prostate cancer is a kind of condition that many cells growth out of control. The prostate itself is a kind of gland on a pelvis male.

Prostate is a kind of reproduction for male. Prostate helps to produce liquid to make the sperm growth fertile and good. It uses to keep the sperm in a good condition. If the sperm is good then it will be easier for male to have a baby with his wife.

Prostate cancer survival rate by age

In the medical world, there are available two kinds of prostate cancer. The first is the malignant type that easy to spread to whole body part. The second is the calm one. By the WHO, prostate cancer is the second cancers that often come to men. Male in a range 70th to 79th old should be aware of this disease. In can cause some death.

If the prostate cancer know faster then it will make the patient will have bigger life chance. It has 4 stages. The bad news is that prostate cancer sometimes silent in early stages. That is the silent killer of cancer. Prostate cancer survival rate by age is better when it know earlier. The young the age then the treatment will be more effective. Here is some symptom of the prostate cancer that you should know:

You have more urination in the night

Feel burn when you are pee or when ejaculation

Your bladder feel so full all the time

Blood on your urine

The power when you are pee become lower

Some signs above can also show you about the other disease but at least when you find them just go to the internist and check the detail of your health. The doctor will let you know if there is a sign of cancer and you are in what stage. Following the good habit will not guarantee that you will suffer from prostate cancer but at least your body will support for the cancer treatment.

Do not forget to pray so that God will help your effort. Prostate cancer survival rate by age is not the end of your life.


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