Know more about Pellet Stool Colon Cancer

Pellet stool colon cancer is a kind of dangerous cancer. This is the condition where human digestive attack by the cancer. It is available in the colon as the latest part of digestive organ. It can attack everyone although more than 90% patients come from over 60 years old. Most of the case starts with small adenoma polyps. It can spread fast on your colon organ.

Pellet stool colon cancer

The colon cancer patient will feel some symptom. If you feel one or more of this symptom then you better check your condition to the doctor now.

The presence of blood in the stool or even bleeding.

The reduce weight

Feels tired all the time

Feel pain or cramping in the abdomen




Do not underestimate every single symptom that may happen to your body. Just go to the internist and they will check for the more detail. One of the more symptoms is when you feel diarrhea alternating with constipation for more than 3 weeks. Pellet stool colon cancer can be so serious when you do not care with the symptom.

When you are 50th or more then you should be more aware about this disease. Cancer is something mystery because no one can predict when this life threatening disease can come to us. When cells spread so fast wildly then it become a cancer.

Here are some factors that can support pellet stool colon cancer to come:

You do not like to eat natural fiber
Too much consume meat
Drink alcohol too much
Active smoker
Have supporting disease name colitis ulcerative
Lack of exercise
Have diabetic
Have lynch syndrome
Have family member with colon cancer

Patient with this disease will divide into 4 stages. Every stage is different and you should have different treatment to kill the active cancer cell. Do not be afraid to lose your hope. Just believe that everything will be okay and keep your spirit high to complete the treatment. Do not forget to follow the diet instruction for the colon cancer patient.


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