Knowing More about Lung Cancer Symptoms in Females

In recent time, there is research showing that cases of lung cancer in women is increasing and vice versa cases of lung cancer in men has decreased. This study certainly is surprising because one of the triggers appear lung cancer is smoking where it is more dominated by men. Many people ask about lung cancer symptoms in females are different from symptoms in men.

Lung cancer symptoms in females
The existence of this phenomenon could also indicate that the rate of male smokers has been decreasing, and more and more women who have the habit of smoking. However, although the number of patients with lung cancer of women has increased, it is apparently offset by the increasingly sophisticated methods of treatment that many patients can successfully cope with this disease. You should also understand that lung cancer does not only attack those who have the habit of smoking but many cancer patients, which was not that of a smoker.

Lung cancer can be one of the biggest causes of death in women in some countries. In fact, female mortality due to lung cancer is higher than that caused by breast cancer. While many communities and organizations to make efforts to bring awareness to women against breast cancer symptoms as early as possible, at this time, the woman should also know about lung cancer symptoms in females that can perform various prevention or the treatment as early as possible to prevent deaths from this cancer.

One of the symptoms of lung cancer should be suspected is constantly coughing, feeling tired, and claustrophobic. When these symptoms appear, you should choose to go to find out immediately what happens to your body so that you can have greater opportunities to save lives.

With a more advanced civilization, it is apparently often turned to the level of human health. Many people are busy in a long selling that has a lifestyle that is less healthy and have a variety of habits detrimental to health as smoking. Lung cancer can be one of the triggers of death when not treated early.

Even if you are not a smoker, when you experience some symptoms that indicate the indication of lung cancer, you should immediately see. Many patients are too late to know his health condition so that care and treatment is selected to be less than optimal for increasing numbers chance of survival.

In addition to knowing more about cervical cancer and breast cancer that became one of the biggest causes of death in women, you should also know about some lung cancer symptoms in females.


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