Is it true Oral Sex Prevents Cancer?

Oral sex is one of the variation of sex intercourse, which maybe becomes one of the favorite of some people. Having oral sex could make the sexual living more colorful and great. Do you ever hear that the Oral Sex Prevents Cancer? Well, this matter is still unclear until today. The unclear matter happens because there are some arguments, which deliver different statement.

However, some experts say that some kinds of cancer occurs in oral organ. We expect that sometimes, oral sex can cause a cancer. How can it happen? We have some matters to deliver to you.

Oral Sex Prevents Cancer

Bacteria in sex organ

As its name, the oral sex means having sex using the oral organ. Both woman and man could do and get this one of sexual intercourse variation. However, they need to know that there are many bacteria in the sex organ. It is the argument that oral sex can cause a cancer. The bacteria inside the sex organ is very dangerous, especially when it stays in the oral organ, as mouth and throat. People need to know that mouth and throat are not free from cancer and the cause of the cancer is the bacteria!

Seeing the fact above, we could see that sometimes, the oral sex intercourse is dangerous to do, especially when we don’t know the safe technique to do it. In this matter, maybe you want to ask about, could we do this with our husband?

Well, actually, everyone may do the oral sex, except he or she thinks that it is abhor. In relation with Oral Sex Prevents Cancer, man could wears condom as the matter to prevent bacteria come to the mouth of his wife. In other hand, the man also needs to make sure that the sex organ of their wife is clean before they do that.

Well, based on the explanation above, there are some arguments that reject Oral Sex Prevents Cancer.

People are able to do the oral sex as variation but they need to be careful in doing that. Please consult with doctor for the better medical explanation.


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