How To Test For Pancreatic Cancer Early?


Finding the Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

How To Test For Pancreatic Cancer? We must know that is a doctor suspects that a person suffers pancreatic cancer, he will ask about the person's medical history first, family history and then examine the person to look for signs of pancreatic cancer. In this case, appropriate and timely diagnosis is something important. Tests should be done at a place that has experienced with the cancer.

How To Test For Pancreatic Cancer

Here are how to test for pancreatic cancer:

General tests

Physical examination

Doctor will examine the eyes and skin of the patient to see if they are yellow, which the signs of jaundice. Many pancreatic cancer patients do not have jaundice when the disease is diagnosed.

Doctor will also feel the abdomen for changes that can be caused by the cancer, though the pancreas islocated in the back of the upper abdomen. Doctor does it because abnormal buildup of fluid or ascites can be another sign of cancer.

Blood tests

Blood test is a common procedure done by doctor to check for abnormal levels of bilirubin, which is a chemical that may significantly increase in patients due to blockage of the common bile duct by a tumor. Elevated billirubin can be the signs of pancreatic cancer. However, there are other non-cancerous causes that can cause increase the level of the bilirubin level, such as gallstones, hepatitis and mononucleosis.

Imaging tests

This tests help doctors find out the location of the cancer and whether it has spread from to other parts of the body. This cancer often does not develop as a single large tumor. It means, the tumors can sometimes be difficult to see through this test. However, latest computed tomography scanners  provide better, clearer images.

Biopsy and tissue tests

- Biopsy is taking a small amount of tissue for examination under microscope. For pancreatic cancer, pathologist often have specific experience in looking at the samples.

- Doctor may recommend laboratory tests on a tumor sample or blood sample for specific genes, proteins or signs of pancreatic cancer. The procedure called biomarkers.

- Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is how to test for pancreatic cancer. This procedure uses a thin needle inserted into the pancreas to take some cells.


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