The Green Cancer Ribbon Meaning

Cancer is not easy condition for us. Every day and every year the total people that death by cancer is always increasing. That is the reason why we should care about the cancer patient. Show your empathy by using the cancer ribbon. Green cancer ribbon meaning lots for them who have cancer in their body. In this world, we have so many different colors to divided cancer based on its types. For example pink ribbon is for breast cancer and black ribbon is for skin cancer. For the green ribbon it means for the green ribbon it is the symbol for the kidney cancer.

Green Cancer Ribbon Meaning

Besides the kidney cancer, the green color ribbons also still have lots of meaning but all of them is for the awareness meaning. Green cancer ribbon meaning lots for us to remind ourselves about the other people who still fight for their body condition. Every people have two pieces of kidney and they can still live with only a kidney. When cancers already grow on it then the main function of the kidney will change. Kidneys have big part to support the body function.

Without have a good kidney condition then people can stay well. It just like the kidney failure that makes the patient should have some medical treatment named dialysis. When people already come to this stage then the life will be harder than before. It can make the life chance become smaller and for them who do not have good financial condition it just perfect to push their life in to the worst one. Dialysis need much money and so the cancer. If the cancer still only in the kidney then the doctor can still help the patient to have kidney transplant but if the cancer cells already spread to others body parts then it will be more difficult to kill all the cells.

Green cancer ribbon meaning remind us to show our empathy to people around us. We cannot close our eyes about this fact and cancer patient need big support so that they can keep their struggle in higher position. It will help them feel better and have good life chance.


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