The Relationship between Moles and Skin Cancer

Cancerous moles Vs normal molesWhat is the difference between cancerous moles Vs normal moles? Moles and skin cancer are actually linked together since several types of skin cancer involve the growth of moles or changes in moles. Compared to other forms of cancers that humans can develop, skin cancer is one of the most common.  Most commonly, the relationship between moles and skin cancer exists in bodies that have malignant melanoma; an extremely aggressive and invasive and form of cancer. The tumors invade and encroach upon neighboring tissues because they grow uncontrollably, known as metastasis. Malignant cancers tend to grow uncontrollably. It takes over the entire body and causes long term harm.

What is the difference between cancerous moles Vs normal moles? If not treated, malignant cancer can be extremely fatal. Some cancers start as new moles or already existing moles. The moles are most commonly changes in the skin and do not begin as cancer, but it rather becomes cancer over time. Nevus is a word for normal mole, while dysplastic nevi are used for abnormal moles that can develop into melanoma over time. There are only few moles actually ever develop into tumor or cancer. But it does not mean that they will always be normal moles. Average person has approximately ten to forty moles all over body. Some moles may begin as flat normal moles but they may become raised over time. People must check their moles when they found round or oval and smooth moles, but eventually change in color, shape, size or orientation. Since moles and skin cancer are closely related, it is important to monitor the moles on the body to ensure that none of them are changing over time.

By any means, abnormal moles in nature or dysplastic nevi are not naturally cancerous. However, there is a chance that the abnormal moles will be turned into cancer in time. They who have dysplastic nevi often have a large number of them, and are more likely to develop melanomas. We have to know that melanomas can be developed in existing moles, or in a normal skin area that will develop into an abnormal mole. Because of that reason, it is necessary to understand the relationship between moles and skin cancer, because if we have a lot of moles, especially dysplastic nevi, there will be a bigger chance that skin cancer will eventually develop overtime. So, it is important to know exactly the differences between cancerous moles Vs normal moles by meeting physician.


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