The Introduction to Colon Cancer ICD 10

Colon cancer ICD 10How dangerous is colon cancer ICD 10? If you have stage 1 colon cancer or the less advanced of the cancer 3 stages, it means you have a 93% chance of still being alive for the next 5 years, and about 92% chance of still being alive in 10 years. It may sound like pretty good survival rates, but it also means that what you can do is only breathing. The statistics say nothing about quality of life, general well being or even what kind of assistance you need if you want to go to the bathroom. The statistic only said that you are still alive, it is not about how much of a life you have.

In the early stages, colon cancer ICD 10 does not cause any symptoms. It means, if symptoms do occur, it will be harder to treat the cancer. Some of the common symptoms include pain in the abdomen. People who have the cancer will experience blood in their stools, which shows that the tumor is located lower in the intestines. If they find that their stool is darker, it means the tumor may be located higher up. They will also find a change in bowel habits, including more frequent stools and the feeling that the bowels are never completely empty. They who suffer colon cancer may experiemce diarrhea or constipation, depending on the location of the tumor.  They can also suffer bloating, fullness, vomitting and cramps.

If you suffer the more advanced or stage 2 colon cancer, your survival rate is dropped with just 90% of 5 year survival and 89% of 10 year survival. The stage 3 colon cancer ICD 10 is much worse, your cahcen to live for the next 5 year is only 59%, and 56% for 10 years. You can clearly see, it is very important to give appropriate treatment as early as possible. The very best treatment is surely prevention. If you have celebrated you 50th birthday, you can start by getting regular screenings.

Routine screening can detect hidden growths that could lead to the cancer because the cancer cells may be undetected for a long period of time. Following a strict diet and exercise program is also a good way for reducing the chance of the cancer. It helps improving the immune system, and prevents the damage of the DNA that can lead to many forms of malignant cancer. Good diet and routine exercise have been shown to reduce risk of contracting dangerous disease, such as cancer.


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