Does Vaping Cause Lung Cancer?

Does vaping cause lung cancer? Before you get an answer whether this is true or not, you should read a few reviews about the existence vape or the electric cigarette. Occurrences vape is like being a boon for smokers loveliest especially with the label 'safer' than conventional cigarettes. Vape able offer all the pleasures of smoking tobacco with lower health risks for smokers just inhale water vapor and traces of nicotine. However, there are various studies actually reveal the dangers of using vape. This electric cigarette contains harmful substances that have an impact on the lung health of either the user or passive smokers.

Does vaping cause lung cancer

Electric cigarette or better known as the vape does not use tobacco. However, vape still contain nicotine that can cause inflammation in the lungs. Although vape not use tobacco, the nicotine in vape certainly still have an impact on health, especially the lungs. There is a study of the Hellenic Cancer Society stating that vaping cause cancer because the using of vaping may soon damage the lung function and lasts for less than 30 minutes after smoking. From these results could indicate that vaping proved to have short-term harmful effects. Steam Smoke electric cigarette is possible to contain traces of chemicals that can cause cancer such as acrolein, formaldehyde, aldehydes, and diethylene glycol. With a variety of research done, you can conclude about ' does vaping cause lung cancer' or not.

So far, various studies may indicate that the electric cigarette or vape produce toxins at a lower level compared to tobacco cigarettes that is where it certainly can be concluded that the risks are lower. Nevertheless, the existence of vape is certainly not without risk. In addition, the recent emergence of vape that must also be a little difficult to unravel whether the cause lung problems or other health than the rest of the electric cigarette or cigarette tobacco use before. Low risk certainly cannot be equated with any risk. When you can reduce or avoid tobacco of using electric or tobacco, it is certainly much better for your health personally or the people that are around you. Effects and risks to passive smokers are no less high than active smokers are. Still there are various studies carried out to assess the effects and risks that may result from the use of vaping.

Vape electric cigarette or indeed the current trend especially among children especially these cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors that is sure to become a special attraction to enjoy a cigarette. Although many claim that the use of electric cigarette is safe, it was not without risk. So, when you ask about 'does vaping cause lung cancer?’ this may be at risk because the vape also contain nicotine that can trigger cancer risk.


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