Does Sucralose Cause Cancer?

Does Sucralose Cause Cancer
Does Sucralose Cause Cancer
Does sucralose cause cancer? Or, is there a safe sugar substitute for diet and prevent cancer? Some of these questions may come to mind many people especially now that there are many food and beverage products that use a substitute for sugar. When you enter a keyword on sucralose causes cancer, you might find two answers at a time that is 'yes' and 'no'. It is indeed quite reasonable because research conducted related linkages sucralose and cancer was conducted by researchers with the media and many different ways. There are some article on the internet explaining that a study showed that leukemia in mice where this means that the answer is 'yes'. In addition, you can also find studies that claim that use of sucralose does not show an increase in the risk of cancer in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Some people may still puzzled why many people have the question 'does sucralose cause cancer?' but on the other hand they do not understand what exactly the sucralose. Sucralose or Splenda is as a non-nutritive sweetener that has a taste much sweeter than table sugar. Sucralose is made by starting from sucrose. By processing this fact can give effect to boost insulin levels and increase the growth of cancer cells. although so far no retrospective case series of human cancers associated with saccharin, the stigma that appear in the society makes the study continues to show whether sucralose causes cancer or not.

The times as is the case today does offer many choices including the use of sweeteners used for diet or other needs. With the increasing number of retrospective case series, diabetes caused by excessive sugar consumption, many people try to do a sugar diet but still could get a sweet sensation. One way is to utilize a variety of refined sugars that shift function of table sugar. Until now, there have been no final studies suggest a link between cancer and sucralose. However, some studies support this association even though performed on animals as a media research. Therefore, when you have a question of 'does sucralose cause cancer?' you might get two answers are yes and no at the same time, because it is still in the research phase is to be evaluated and studied.

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