Does Stevia Cause Cancer?

Does Stevia Cause Cancer

You may have heard that artificial sweeteners are dangerous to health could even be one of the triggers of cancer. In this case, you may have the question 'does stevia cause cancer' because so far the plant is known as a natural sweetener that is very popular. Enjoy the food and drinks were sweet indeed being fun first, this can also be a mood booster. However, the sweet taste of sugar apparently not as sweet as it could have a negative effect on the body such as increased risk of diabetes.
This is why many people are looking for alternative sweeteners instead of sugar. One of them is quite popular is stevia. The use of stevia turned out not new because this plant has been used as a sweetener since centuries ago. Sweet stevia owned more than 30 times the sweetness of sugar normal.

Around 1991, the FDA of USA that consumes stevia can trigger cancer. This is why many people feel confused and wonder about the statement from the FDA. many people have the question 'does stevia cause cancer' but on the other hand there are many people who said that the use of stevia in fact have a positive impact. The statement from the FDA get a refutation of the research conducted in 1995 so that the distribution of stevia was finally able to get across America as a supplement and not as a sweetener. Stevia itself consists of various types with the characteristics and uniqueness of each. Around the year 2008, the use of stevia is back in getting the ban with accusations that the use of stevia causing cancer. The study conducted by the University of California. However, various other studies actually show results that counter. In fact, Japan makes stevia as the only sweetener that may be used in Japan.

Although there are many statements that mention about the issues that stevia to cause cancer, it will also lead to contradictory from many other parties who actually said that stevia is a natural sweetener that is very safe to use. Stevia is not carcinogenic and low in calories so it is suitable for use by people with diabetes and obesity. By using stevia as a sweetener to replace sugar, people with diabetes and obesity can still enjoy delicious sweet foods more safely. However, of course, consumption of sweet foods excessively certainly still is not good for health. Although stevia is safe for use, when consumed in excess must also remain at risk. With some explanations above, you might find the answer to the question 'does stevia cause cancer'.


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