Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer?

Does Smoking Meat Cause CancerDoes smoking meat cause cancer? This may be one of the questions emerged lately. Various articles have sprung up in various media, especially the Internet stating that the consumption of salami trigger cancer risk. Whereas, on the other hand, consumption of smoked foods such as smoked bacon and sausage is something delicious and fun. The resulting flavor is so typical of smoked foods than foods that are fried or steamed. Method of curing the meat is actually not a new way in the world of food because of the way it has been done since the days of the Indian tribes. How this is done to preserve food such as fish and meat. Smoked foods actually still contain nutrients for the proper processing method such as by not smoked for too long and the temperature is not too hot. Smoked foods can be one of the triggers of cancer when treated with an improper way.

If you have any questions 'does smoking meat cause cancer', you should look into the matter more deeply. There are some things that the risk of harm to the salami. First, one of the things that endanger the salami is their carbon dioxide content. When the amount of these substances into the body in large amounts, it certainly can harm our health. Moreover, even though the evaporation process is often used as a way to preserve meat or fish, when this is done in a way that is not appropriate even to add various preservatives, it can be triggering cancer risk becomes higher. Another thing that makes salami could be the cause of cancer is the content of PAHs and HCAs. Both of these substances are compounds that may arise in the process of cooking with high temperatures.

Both compounds are PAHs and HCAs more dangerous substances on the smoking meat. PAH or Polyclynic Aromatic Hydrocarbon may be formed from the combustion occurring substance derived from the imperfect and inorganic substances and organic gases. You can identify these substances from the texture of the meat is burnt like charcoal. This substance can help the development of cancer in the body. When the content of these substances into the body in large amounts, it certainly can trigger cancer risk. The smoked meat is not as a cause of cancer when getting the process right. Some people often do fogging excessively to obtain the desired maturity so that the exterior looked charred. When there is a question of 'does smoking meat cause cancer', it certainly should be seen in how and the processing and curing are performed.


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