Does HPV Cause Ovarian Cancer?

Does HPV Cause Ovarian CancerCancer is never become a happy news for everyone. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer? That question is not a new thing anymore. The question becomes so common because many women get the surprise of ovarian cancer. This is become a murder disease in women life. Ovarian cancer or also well known as cervical cancer is so danger. On the first stage or early stage it never shows the real symptom. That is the reason why when they get this kind of cancer then everything will be change. The life will never be same anymore.

HPV is the Human Papiloma Virus. This virus has more than 60 types of viruses but not all the viruses are danger for human. The most dangers are the virus number 16 and number 18. Those viruses can cause the cervical cancer or ovarian cancer to women. This cancer can come to every woman in every age. Today you can get the vaccine to get the more protection for your body. It really helps to make your body have good immune so that you will not easy to attack by the cancer. Woman from the teenagers’ age can get this vaccine. You can go to the medical center to get it now. If you are active in sexual activity then you should have more self awareness about this cancer. The most common sign is that you have the whitish on your vagina for long time with bad smell. Besides that you will also find the bleeding on your vagina although you do not have your period. Ovarian cancer does not always give you hurt sensation on your stomach. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer is true. If you find those symptoms then you have to go the doctor to get more detail examination. Do not play with cancer because a little time you have will be so important.

Ovarian cancer is unseen. Once you get this disease then you should make sure that you follow all the step of the medical treatment to kill the cancer cell. If the cancer is already spread then the doctor will usually take a surgery of your ovarian. It means that you will never have a baby from your own womb. Does HPV cause ovarian cancer? The answer is yes.


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