Does HPV Cause Cancer in Males? Check it now!

Does HPV cause cancer in males
Does HPV cause cancer in males? That question becomes so booming in the last days, No one in this world who can be happy when cancer cells are available in their body. Cancer is a silent killer and the worst thing is that cancers sometimes do not show any sign or symptoms. One of the virus that can cause a cancer is Human Papilomavirus (HPV). In the medical world, HPV is a kind of virus that consist more than 60 types of viruses. The most danger HPV viruses are the number 16 and 18. Those two kinds of HPV viruses can change into the cervical cancer. For women that cervical cancer is the first killer.

Today, you can get the HPV vaccine. Does HPV cause cancer in males is really rare. If you are active in sexual activity then use a condom to protect yourself from this disease. Condom will never make you 100% free from any sexual disease but at least it will give you better protection than nothing. HPV is usually because some wart and it can grow in every parts of your body. If you love to do the anal sex then you have to be careful with this virus. Be aware too when you love to change your sex partner. Viruses can available and can move from one body to others by doing sexual activity. Although most of the HPV viruses are not danger but we never know when we meet the dangerous one.

Does HPV cause cancer in males? Some of the cancer types that can happen to male because of this HPV virus are penile cancer and anal cancer. Some of the symptoms of this cancer are like:

Penis’ skin changes the color into the darker.

Reddish rash

Small lumps crusty

Your penis produce a liquid with bad smell

The tip of your penis become so swell


If you find the symptoms like above then you better go to the doctor immediately. Do not wait longer because cancer can grab your life anytime. The doctor will check more with some method to identify about your cancer stage.


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