Dallas Cowboys Worn Human Awareness Ribbon

Dallas Cowboys, one of the NFL teams launched Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel to show their support to the National Breast Cancer Awareness. The collaboration has been done for seven years. The Dallas Cowboys host their Breast Cancer Awareness game against Cincinnati at their home base, AT&T Stadium. In the event, Cowboys hosted approximately 100 survivors and co-survivors. The players also used a human awareness ribbon on field.

Football fields around the league also featured a human awareness ribbon shield stencils on both the 25-yard lines as well as special balls with pink ribbon logs. There were also footballs and other pink game-worn items, including gloves and cleats, auctioned off at NFL Auction site. Retail and the NFL Auction website also sold various pink items to collect funds that will be donated to cancer patients and survivors. The money raised supports the CHANGE program, providing outreach and breast cancer screenings. The Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel is also available on the websites.

Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel

Here are 10 things we should keep in mind for Dallas Cowboys Breast Cancer Apparel and Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

1) In 2015, Fort Worth treated more than 400 patients for breast cancer-related diagnosis.

2) Mammography and self-examination save lives. You are suggested to start getting exams in your teens and taking yearly mammograms when you are 40.

3) Women with dense breast tissue have higher risk of breast cancer than they women with average breast density.

4) Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in 40 to 55 years old women.

5) Nearly 2,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer occur in men every year.

6) Smoking increases the risk of breast cancer, particularly in women who start smoking at very young age.

7) 85% of all breast cancer diagnoses with no family history.

8) Breast cancer case is highest in non-Hispanic white women and the lowest is among Asian/Pacific Islander women.

9) Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as exercising 150 minutes per week help decrease the risk for breast cancer.

10) Limiting alcohol helps reducing the chance of developing breast cancer.


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