Is that true Weed Give You Lung Cancer?

Can Weed Give You Lung CancerWeed is commonly used as the material in making a cigarette. Are you a smoker? Well, it still becomes a confusing debate about the side effect of the cigarette. Some people become smoker because they need such as ways to release their problem. They need to get the appreciation from their society. In some countries, smoking becomes trend of teenager to get their existence. However, Can Weed Give You Lung Cancer? It is one of a nice question to be cleared. Here, we will talk about the relation between weed and lung cancer. Read it wholly!

Smoking and its effect

Some countries start to do the campaign against the smoker. They say that smoking is a bad habit and so on. Is it true if smoking is bad? From the pro side, smokers always say that they feel better after smoking. Well, the better feeling of smoker happens because the unsure of weed is able to inject the neuron system of brain of smokers and give them an illusion of happiness. They will be free as they have consumed an amphetamine.

However, some experts say that smoking in long time and make it, as the habit is kind of a bad thing. The weed is maybe able to give some calmness but for the organ of body – especially the lung, weed is very dangerous. The weed will burn the lung and make it darker. You could see how weed burn lungs through video. Then, in longer time, the smoking habit may cause a lung cancer because the antibiotic of lung is gone because of the smoke of the cigarette. Then, when you ask about Can Weed Give You Lung Cancer, you know what the answer is.

We are able to know the answer of Can Weed Give You Lung Cancer know. After knowing the relation of weed and lung cancer, it is better for you to stop smoking from now. Change your habit to the better one. Smoking only gives you an illusionary calmness. Sometimes, smokers will get a digestive problem because of their worse body condition.


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