Remain about Breast Cancer Awareness Hashtags

Breast Cancer Awareness HashtagsBreast cancer awareness hashtags hopefully can help us to remain about the danger of breast cancer. As we know that besides the cervical cancer the breast cancer becomes the second most killer disease. For the women that will be so dangerous. It becomes the nightmare because breasts are the most important asset that women have. By using the hashtags then it will help other people remain about the breast cancer. It also makes us know that many women in this world that have big effort to stay away from this killer.

Breast cancer awareness hashtags like #NoBraDay is often seen in the social media. Until now many people still believe that when you make your breast free from the bra then it will decrease the cause of breast cancer. Of course, we do not know about the real fact. Whether the bra can cause the breast cancer or not still become a rumor. At least many people care about the other women who feel the biggest saddest in her life. To feel and to have empathy about the breast cancer does not mean that we have to get this disease first. We can just send our deepest hug to others by using the same hashtags. It will make the cancer patients feel stronger than before. Cancer will never choose base on the age, economic side or even sex. Cancer can come to everyone. It just likes a surprise but of course no one in this world who want to get a kind of surprise like cancer.

Be aware of breast cancer and do the self checking regularly. You can check directly to your breast after your period time. Do not wait longer when you find any change with the shape, breast texture, or even you find any bumps like tumor inside it. Remember that tumor can be the main point of breast cancer. For them who already in menopause time then have bigger chance to have this kind of cancer. Please love yourself and do the breast checking using your two hands. Breast cancer awareness hashtags will also make everyone who live with cancer knows that they are not alone.


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