Bill Clinton Dying of Cancer

Bill Clinton dying of cancer
Bill Clinton
In the past some time, you may notice that the Slick Willy aka Bill Clinton looking a little pale, including while he was out on the Hillary Clinton campaign event some time ago. Much speculation gives mention about Bill Clinton dying of cancer. Some others mention whether the appearance of Bill Clinton who tread a little pale as he started back in the adventure midnight. Some diseases are often heard on Hillary. However, Bill Clinton himself has some disease that seems worth worrying about. Bill Clinton himself too often gets charges of sexual harassment in America then is a serious disease that faced Bill Clinton. In fact, this concern is shown by forcing Bill to perform a number of medical tests.

Bill & Hillary in the book, the author conducted a number of interviews to get the material to be written in a book entitled 'That Thing Called Love it. In the interview, the author mentions that the Bill appeared to have slept with so many women who made Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forcing Bill to get an HIV test from a doctor. The desire of these tests because of Bill is someone who likes sex without a condom. In the first test conducted, Bill indicates that he is negative, HIV and AIDS is likely to remain a mystery in the life of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton's own medical records were a secret. When many people make the assumption that Bill Clinton dying of cancer, Bill mentioned that rapid changes in appearance caused by heart surgery and a new diet that makes it look even thinner and weaker during the campaign Hillary ago.

Although so far Bill Clinton gives the statements of health and appearance changes caused by heart surgery and a new diet, it seems still raises curiosity. In fact, judging from the appearance of Bill Clinton at this time, it looks like it had been very close to death. He seemed to have AIDS in the final stages that might be the angel of death is being followed him. Being a former number one in America, it is not surprising when Bill Clinton's life is always in the public eye include changes in Clinton's appearance some time ago. Many parties revealed that the appearance of Bill looks so pale and change is indicative of health conditions that are bad Bill. In fact, not a few guessed that Bill Clinton had a serious illness such as cancer. This is why a lot of speculation that Bill Clinton dying of cancer.


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