What Is Testicular Cancer Look Like and How to Distinguish It

What is testicular cancer look like is important question because many men want to know how it look like so they could detect whether they have the disease or not. To have a cancer is scary, and to have it on a very important organ for man is more frightening. However, just knowing the look of testicular cancer is not enough because the look may similar with other medical conditions in the testicle. In the early stage, the cancer may not even causes a visual change to the testicle. Therefore, it is also important to know how to distinguish it.

To know the look of cancer in the testicle is not hard, because you can simply browse in the internet. Numerous pictures of the look of testicular cancer are available in plenty number and various types. Some of the pictures are real photos of testicular cancer cases while the others are drawing of testicular cancer. The real photos could show you exactly what is testicular cancer look like. On the other hand, a drawing of testicular cancer could give you more understanding of what actually occur in the testicle when cancer grows on it, including the phases of testicular cancer growth.

What Is Testicular Cancer Look Like
Picture of Testicular Cancer

From the picture, testicular cancer is indicated by a lump in the testicle. The lump could be small or big depend on how far the cancer has grown. Indeed, a lump is the most common symptom of testicular cancer. Therefore, self-examination by rolling a thumb to find lump in testicle is recommended for early detection. The other look that indicates testicular cancer is swollen testicle. Commonly, the swollen testicle is shown by the different size of testicles. It happens because testicular cancer is usually only occur on one testicle. Therefore, it is easier to see when one testicle is swollen.

Both a lump and swollen testicle are common signs of testicular cancer but not the distinctive symptoms. A lump is not always malignant so it could be a benign tumor or it could be inguinal hernia. Swollen testicle is not always cancer because hydrocele, orchitis, epididymitis, and injury could also cause testicle enlargement. Therefore, other medical condition may cause a similar visual of testicular cancer look like. In order to ensure the lump or swell is real cancer, thorough check are required. Therefore, you should not worry if you see something similar with the picture of what is testicular cancer look like because it may not cancer.


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