What Does Testicular Cancer Look Like Visually

Many men today seem having same question like “what does testicular cancer look like” when finding significant differences on their testicles. This concern is just like what most women also have about their breasts. Unfortunately, both, male & female, come to the doctor when the cancer has grown further. Some can get recovered, but others have no way back. Just like most cancer diseases, it is important to recognize the signs of how the testicular cancer seen is, from the beginning to have immediate treatment before getting worse.

Testicular cancer is cancer type that develops in one or both testicles. It is still considered as a rare case, especially in US, with about 80,000 cases diagnosed, and chances of being affected are 1 in 200. It happens commonly in young males between 15 and 35 years old. But it does mean that older men can’t be affected. So, what does it look like to have testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer can potentially turn into a deadly illness. The early detection is the best way to increase the cure rates. You must know that size is not the only sign of testicular cancer looks like. This part of male reproductive system mostly has the same size among of men though some may look bigger or hang lower from one to another. It also should feel smooth and firm. There is also a soft tube behind called epididymis.  If it is found some changes or unusual things about the testicles, you should be aware of signs that answer “what does early testicular cancer look like?”

What Does Testicular Cancer Look Like

Before finding out about what testicular cancer looks like, you need to first to know the main types of this disease, i.e.:

1. Seminoma – the slow growing form cancer in testicles most often affected 30s and 40s year-old-men. It usually just develops in testes, but may spread as well to the lymph nodes.

2. Nonseminoma – the fast growing form of cancer in testicles. Several cell types as follows can contribute this cancer kind made up:

Embryonal carcinoma
Choriocarcinoma (rare)
Yolk sac tumor

As the full diagnose is the doctor’s job, at least you can make prevention by recognizing what becomes the testicular cancer signs that include:

One or both testes are swelling or lump which can be painless.
There is heavy painful feeling in the scortum
You can feel like the lower belly is being pressured or dull.

When the condition has getting into the late-stage, you may also feel:

Common feelings of illness including sweating, fever and lack of energy
Painful in the lower back
Chest pain, short breath an cough
Headache or confusion

Figuring out the visual look of testicular cancer is a way to detect the disease early. It helps to increase the recovery rate. Once you find the signs of “what does early testicular cancer look like” or see the suspicious changes in one or both of your testes, you have to immediately see the doctor for obtaining the comprehensive examination procedure.


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