Variety of Colors for Types of Cancer Support and Awareness

Different colors for types of cancer are used by people to show their awareness and support to the cancer. In general, awareness color for cancer is lavender but each cancer type or group of cancer is now has different color. The decision to choose which color to represent particular cancer type is commonly through a long story. They have many reasons why they choose the color. Some of types of cancer colors are decided due to a story related to important patient with the cancer or survival. Some colors may through several changes until agreement were taken by the community of the particular cancer.

colors for types of cancer

The most popular color of cancer type is pink. You may already know what kind of cancer it represented. Pink is representing breast cancer. This color could be so popular because pink and breast are something that link to female. In addition, females all over the world are actively campaigning breast cancer awareness with pink ribbon. They use various tools and methods to campaign continuously until many people know what the meaning behind the folded pink ribbon symbol. This popularity is very important because it increase support to breast cancer researches in many places all over the world.

In the beginning, the colors for types of cancer are solid one hue. It is easier to remember the color when it is a solid color. However, the type of cancer is too many. It is impossible to represent all types with only solid colors. Therefore, some community decided to combine colors. For examples are teal and white for cervical cancer, and burgundy and ivory for head and neck cancer. Apart of color combinations, some of the cancers are represented by patterned colors. Patterned colors for cancer type are for example zebra pattern for carcinoid cancer and ivory and burgundy stripes for oral cancer.

For awareness symbolization, the color is commonly formed in a folded ribbon. It could be the real folded fabric ribbon or the shape of folded ribbon on different material such as plastic or metal. The color ribbons for cancer type are now available in various types of pins and jewelries. The pins are commonly worn on the left chest of the clothing while jewelries are worn as the way it should be, necklace on the neck and bracelet on the hand. Each of colors for types of cancer could be worn at anytime and anywhere to spread awareness and campaign to particular type of cancer.


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