Different Stages of Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Stages of testicular cancer symptoms could give hint about how bad the testicular cancer is. Similar with other cancer, testicular cancer could grow into several stages. In the case of testicular cancer, the stages are divided into three stages. Each stage is divided again into several phases based on how the cancer has grow and spread. To determine in which stage the patient is actually, several tests should be done by the specialist physician. However, we could roughly predict the stage by observing the different symptoms of testicular cancer experienced by the patient since different stage may cause different symptoms.

Stages of Testicular Cancer Symptoms
Stages of Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Actually, many testicular cancers do not show any symptom in early stage. Even it shows symptoms, the symptoms are commonly very light and not typical so it misunderstood as the effect of overtiredness. Therefore, many patients only know they have testicular cancer after it already spread. However, if you could be more cautious, you can notice it earlier. The early stage testicular cancer symptoms are a lump in the testicle and swollen testicle. A lump is the most common symptom. Self-examination once a month to find if there is a lump is recommended for every man. Sometime, the cancer does not cause lump but swollen on one of the testicles so it would look different in size.

In early stage, the cancer is commonly painless although a lump is formed or the testicle is swollen. However, after the cancer growth, stages of testicular cancer symptoms start to show the different. The cancer may cause pain but mostly it is only heavy feeling on the scrotum and lower belly. Testicular cancer is also commonly cause increase of sex hormone production. Due to this condition, later testicular cancer symptoms are including early puberty on boys or breast growth on adult. When the breast grows, it may also cause soreness on the breast. Then, some men also experience loss of sexual desire.

After the cancer spread to other organ, symptoms related to the organ may occur. The examples of spread testicular cancer symptoms are low back pain when it already spread to the lymph nodes in the back and belly pain from the enlarged lymph nodes. Belly pain may also caused by the spread cancer on liver. The cancer may spread to lung and cause short of breath, chest pain, and excessive cough/coughing up blood. The cancer may also spread to brain and causing headache and confusion. Some stages of testicular cancer symptoms are not typical so it is important to consult with doctor about it.

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