The Findings of Cancer Mesothelioma Survival Rate

Cancer mesothelioma survival rate can be concluded by how long the patients of mesothelioma can live in percentage rate. With advances in medical technology, many discoveries to treat patients with mesothelioma. Therefore, the chances of survival of these patients have increased along with the elaborate methods of treatment taken. Mesothelioma cancer has been widely known cause is exposure to asbestos. If someone exposed to asbestos either a little or a lot, he would have a risk of developing mesothelioma cancer.  Many mesothelioma patients ask how long they will survive. Until now there is no certainty regarding mesothelioma survival rate in all patients with mesothelioma. However, there are some data taken from research that may give us a clue. Approximately 55% of patients can survive six months after being diagnosed by a doctor. A total of 33% survived one year the doctor's diagnosis, and the rest can survive for 5 years after diagnosis.

Cancer Mesothelioma Survival Rate

Is the treatment for mesothelioma patients may predispose them to better survive? The answer is yes. This type of treatment received by patients with mesothelioma can affect how long they can survive. Does this depend on the type of medication or other factors that affect it, yet clear conclusions.Mesothelioma patients taking chemotherapy treatment method can be concluded survive 2 years were 19% and 5-year by 4%. Patients who underwent decortication pleuroctomy can survive for two years as much as 4% and the 5-year by 10%. Whereas patients who underwent EPP can survive for 2 years by 37% and 5 years as much as 12%. This is new records researched to get cancer mesothelioma survival rate.

Survival for mesothelioma patients depend on several factors. Factors such as age, health and type of treatment can determine the success of patients survive longer. Each patient has a condition that is always different. Levels of diagnosis may affect the survival of patients. Patients were diagnosed at earlier levels, have the possibility to survive longer. Mesothelioma patient's age can affect the survival rate. Younger patients likely to survive longer. This is because the durability of younger patients are usually higher.  Although it is not known why patients with female sex are usually more able to survive than male patients. Women who can survive up to 5 years by 19%, while the average men last up to 5 years only. Judging from his race, patients who have had a past race African Americans are living longer than the Caucasian race. However, because more patients suffering from mesothelioma cancer caucasian this, the research can not be substantiated. What about genetic factors? Research shows that mesothelioma patients who have mutations in BAP1 have a better chance of survival than those without. More researches should be taken to find out cancer mesothelioma survival rate.

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