Many of Us Want to Know: Can Mesothelioma be Treated

Can mesothelioma be treated? If the answer is no, the fact has contrary opinion. So yes, it can be treated. The standard treatment for the disease is pleural mesothelioma include: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. Sometimes, the doctor will provide a combination treatment to accelerate the healing process of patients with mesothelioma. In making this treatment strategy, the medical experts will select a suitable treatment methods for patients with possible side effects fewest.

Medical science proves that multimodal therapy provides the most positive effect on the treatment of mesothelioma. However, this treatment is aggressive and has a bad influence on the human immune system. To use a multimodal therapeutic methods of treatment, only patients in stage 1 and 2, which has a high success potential.

Can Mesothelioma be Treated
Can Mesothelioma be Treated

EPP or extra pleural pneumonectomy surgery is one of the most effective for treating patients with pleural mesothelioma. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the entire part of the lung affected by mesothelioma, the important part that connects to the lungs, chest, and heart, all parts of the diaphragm, and lymph nodes. Experts argue that the EPP surgery is the most effective in treating mesothelioma cancer, but also have a high risk, thus requiring the patient's condition is very healthy. The data showed that patients who underwent surgery EPP has the possibility of living on average until 27 months after treatment.

Pleuroctomy decortication or P / D is a surgical method of lung that is often an alternative method of EPP. The nature of this treatment is not too invasive. This method uses two ways namely Pleuroctomy surgery: surgery performed by lifting the protective line lung cancer where it is alive and growing, and decortification which surgeons remove the tumor or cancer seen in the lungs.

Pleurodesis is surgery by surgeons to relieve the pain and pressure from the fluid contained in the patient's chest pleural mesothelioma. The doctor will make the pipes that will emit fluid contained between the lungs and chest cavity of the patient. In this way the patient will be able to breathe easier.

In treating patients with pleural mesothelioma, doctors sometimes prescribe chemotherapy alone or in combination with other chemotherapy. With this combination treatment can prolong the patient's life about three months longer. This method already answer the question of can mesothelioma be treated?

Radiation Therapy
The use of radiation therapy by physicians for patients with mesothelioma is done to reduce the size of the cancer to the lungs. Treatment of radiation therapy is usually performed in combination with other treatments are surgery and chemotherapy. A research has shown that this combination treatment method can increase the lifetime of the patient 33 months longer. So, we have the answer for : can mesothelioma be treated?

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