What is the Treatment for Mesothelioma Cancer?

What is treatment for mesothelioma cancer? Depending on some different factors, such as the stage of the disease, the location of the tumor, the condition and age of the patient and whether the cancer cells have spread or not, the treatment for mesothelioma patient can be different from one to another patient. As we know that most people who are suffering mesothelioma are given a life expectancy of 8 to 12 months. However there are some patients who achieved 5-year survival rate.

What is the treatment for mesothelioma? The answer may vary depends on those factors above. However, there are some medical procedures commonly given to mesothelioma patients.

Surgery is the treatment may be used to alleviate symptoms or attempting a cure for the tumors. In this procedure, doctors will try to drain fluid from the chest and create an adhesion between the pleural layers in order to prevent recurrence of the fluid accumulation. Another technique that is used for draining fluid from the chest involves a catheter that runs under the skin from cavity to the abdomen. However, this procedure is rarely used.

Pleurectomy is a surgical method to removes tumor-ridden pleural lining to alleviate symptoms from fluid accumulation. This method will be followed by other procedures to remove all the disease left behind, such as chemotherapy. Patients who are still in early stage receive this procedure. If the doctor finds that all of the tumors cannot be removed unless the entire lung is also removed, then pneumonectomy or removing the lung can be applied during the pleurectomy.

What is the Treatment for Mesothelioma
Treatment for Mesothelioma Cancer

What is the treatment for mesothelioma? Besides those two procedure, there is a much more extensive surgery called extrapleural pneumonectomy. This procedure removes part of the lining of the heart, part of the lung lining, part of the diaphragm and the infected lung. After taking the procedure patients must take chemotherapy and/or radiation depends on the doctor’s diagnosis.

Cytoreductive surgery is another procedure that can be taken for helping mesothelioma patients. This procedure removes the visible tumor in the abdominal cavity. This procedure is generally followed by IPHC, which is chemotherapy that is given into the abdominal cavity to remove all microscopic tumor cells left behind.

What is the Treatment for Mesothelioma; Chemotherapy

Just like in any other types of cancer, chemotherapy procedure involves special medications. This procedure attacks cancer cells in order to prevent them from replicating. However, this procedure is not given giving a cure because it only helps slowing the growth of the cancer cells, destroy microscopic cancer cells and reduce the tumor size.

Chemotherapy contains some side effects. Because of that reason, blood test is required from time to time to know if there are side effects from the drugs.

What is the Treatment for Mesothelioma; Radiation Therapy

This therapy uses radiation beams to treat cancer. This procedure may be used with both chemotherapy and surgery, one of those methods, depending on the situation. Radiation can help patients to reduce pain and difficulty breathing as well as controlling the spread on cancer cells, especially if it is applied after surgery.

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