The Most Effective Treatment for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Though most researchers are trying to find the most effective treatment for mesothelioma cancer, fact says that the disease is still incurable. However, people who live with mesothelioma can still undergo an assortment of medical procedures.

The most often recommended mesothelioma treatment methods are surgical procedures, chemo and radiation therapy. Though those procedures are the most common, we will easily find other treatment methods that are gaining in attractiveness. However, most of them are still experimental, such as gene treatment, photodynamic and immunotherapy treatment.

Treatment for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Surgical Treatment for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

There are three different types of surgery given to patients with mesothelioma, which are painkilling, diagnostic and curative surgery. Painkilling or palliative surgical procedures are given to relieve the pain and remove some of the cancer cells. However, this procedure does not offer a cure.

Another surgical treatment for mesothelioma lung cancer is curative surgery. The surgical procedure is aimed to remove as much of the infected tissue as possible with the hope that it will be enough to cure the patient. The surgery is often followed by chemo or radiation therapy.

Diagnostic surgical procedure is employed to figure out if somebody has been attacked by cancer. The surgery will give the location and recognize the type of the cancer, if present.

Treatment for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer; Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

Chemotherapy is treatment for mesothelioma lung cancer involving medicines that are given intravenously in order to exterminating microscopic cancer cells. It is because cancer cells multiply rapidly, so it is taking chemo as soon as possible helps prevent such thing happens.

Radiation therapy is given to kill cancer cells and slowing the proliferation of the cells as much as possible. Radiation surgery is often combined with surgery and/or chemotherapy. It is often utilized palliative care for reducing the pain associated with the malignant cancer.

Alternative Treatment for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Photodynamic treatment is the first alternative that is utilized if the cancer is localized. This treatment entails giving the cancer victims medication intravenously. It makes the cancerous cells very susceptible to a particular type of light. Several days after taking photodynamic treatment, patient is then subjected to the specific light; destroying the cancerous cells that have absorbed the medicines.

There is also an experimental treatment for mesothelioma, namely gene therapy. This treatment involves a virus that was altered genetically. When given to the patient, the virus makes its way into the cancerous cells and increasing the production of protein. After the patient has been infected by the virus, he must take a chemotherapy to exterminating the cancer cells.

The third alternative treatment for mesothelioma lung cancer is immunotherapy. The procedure tries to fool the immune system into exterminate cancerous cells. With active immunotherapy, mesothelioma victim has a portion of his cancer cells removed and turned into a vaccine. He is then injected with the vaccine and it will lead the immune system to recognize the cell vaccine as dangerous substance and thus identifying the cancer itself as a malignant, dangerous substance.

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