What Is Mesothelioma Cancer and How to Prevent It

What is mesothelioma cancer? The name is odd for so many people. Indeed, mesothelioma is not common word because it is a rare cancer occurs in the mesothelium (a thin lining of internal organ). Yet, this rare cancer is now become more common as many occurring increases all over the world. Some people said it is a tragedy because mesothelioma is aggressive cancer with no cure to this very day. If the number of patients keeps on going up, how more souls would be suffer from this malignant cancer? That is the reason why we need to alert and work hard to prevent this cancer to occur again.

What Is Mesothelioma Cancer and the Risk Factors

What Is Mesothelioma Cancer

As this cancer occurring increases, more and more people hear the name and wondering what it is. Besides questioning what is mesothelioma cancer, people are also questioning how to prevent it. When we want to prevent something, we need to know the cause first. What is mesothelioma causes? The most common cause for mesothelioma is known to be asbestos. Tiny asbestos fibers that enter human body through breathing line stop in the mesothelium of lung and cause irritation. In some cases, the irritation causes gene mutation then leads the pleura mesothelioma (mesothelioma cancer in the lining of lung). In the case of peritoneal mesothelioma (mesothelioma in the abdomen), the possibility is the fibers are swallowed.

In order to prevent mesothelioma, governments of many countries have banned asbestos to be used and prevailing safety regulation in handling asbestos. Unfortunately, people who worked in asbestos industries before the regulation prevailing already exposed to asbestos. Recently, the exposures took it tool. Mesothelioma due to exposure of asbestos only develops years after the exposure between 10 to 30 years. That is the reason why the numbers of mesothelioma occurring rise significantly in recent years. People who were exposed to asbestos years ago, start develop mesothelioma, one by one. It is predicted that year 2020 would be the peak of mesothelioma. For people who already exposed to asbestos, the way to prevent mesothelioma could be reducing the other risk factors. After the question, what is mesothelioma cancer, next question would be what the other risk factors are.

The other risk factors of mesothelioma are including radiation exposure, genetics, and smoking. These risk factors are not significant compared to asbestos exposure but it counted. Unfortunately, only limited risk factors could be avoided. Genetics are something we inherited. Radiation exposure is another thing because mesothelioma may be the side effect of another cancer treatment. What we can due to reduce the risk after exposed to asbestos is to stop smoking. It may not eliminate the risk but at least, it could increase the chance to survive. If you already exposed to asbestos, you should be tentative for any sign of mesothelioma and be checked. Early diagnose will improve life expectancy. I hope it is enough to answer what is mesothelioma cancer and how to prevent it.


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