Don’t Be Afraid with Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Small cell lung cancer prognosis is always said to be poor. This is the reason why people who diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and the families always feel down and devastated. They think that they have been cursed to have a deadly disease like this. The families feel distress since they think they will lose they beloved one very soon. However, cancer prognosis is not always the same to all people, including small cell lung cancer. Although it is generally poor, the prognosis depends on many factors. A cure is not guaranteed but longer life and better life quality is still possible. Therefore, do not afraid and ask your physician about your condition and the things you need to do.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Factors Affecting Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Small cell lung cancer is a malignant cells form in the tissue of lung. The cancer is aggressive that start in the lung and then spread to other places in the body. Stage of cancer is the main factor affecting small cell lung cancer prognosis. Early stage of the cancer, a better prognosis will be for the patient. When the cancer has been spread outside the chest cavity, the prognosis would be poorer. Therefore, it is very important to be alert to your body sign. If you experience some unusual feeling or bizarre condition in your breathing, especially if you are high risk to lung cancer such as family history of lung cancer or you are active smoker, you need to visit doctor as soon as possible.

Age, gender, general health, and the choice of treatments are also affecting small cell lung cancer prognosis. The older the patient, the prognosis is commonly poorer. If your general health is better and you do not have complication with other disease, you commonly get better prognosis. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you commonly also get a better prognosis than patient who live unhealthily. For certain patients, the treatments you get may improve your prognosis. Some patients who treated with both chemotherapy and radiation have better prognosis than patients who only receive chemotherapy or radiation only. It happens because chemotherapy could improve the effectiveness of radiation.

No matter what your prognosis is, do not devastate. In most cases, lung cancer prognosis accuracy is not always great. In the case of small cell lung cancer, the prognosis accuracy is commonly poor. Most specialists could predict whether the patients are curable or not but how long the incurable patient will survive, doctors are not very accurate. Do not say that doctor give you one month or one year, just think that you should live your life in the fullest possible. If you get poor prognosis, you may consider clinical trials because most treatments for small cell lung cancer do not cure the disease. It may not change your small cell lung cancer prognosis but it may give you a different result.


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