What Causes Cancer at the Cell

What causes cancer in cells information is really important to know and understand, so that we are able to prevent ourselves from getting cancer. Cancer itself can be blood cancer (leukemia), lung cancer, breast cancer, and many more. All cancers start in cells since our bodies has more than one hundred million million cells. Moreover, every single of us has cells of cancer in our bodies. So how normal cells become cancer?

The Cause of Cancer in Cells – No. 1

What causes cancer in cells

    Cancer begins with specific changes in a cell or a group of cells. There is molecules which is called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in normal cells. This ATP molecules are created with glucose and inside mitochondria. Cancer cells needs glucose which is 15 times more compared to normal cells. So that logically, cancer cells are expected to produce 15 times more of glucose compared to normal cells. However, those cancer cells produces very little glucose.

    What blocks cancer cells to produce a proper number of ATP molecules? According to Independent Cancer Research Foundation, microbe which is called Helicobacter Pylori inside the cancer cells is the reason of lacking ATP molecules production in cancer cells. Another microbe which is called Fusobacterium is also possible to be the reason. Those two microbes get inside the cancer cells because of asbestos or the chemicals contained in tobacco. Asbestos or chemicals in tobacco cuts the membrane of the cancer cells so that those microbes are able to get inside them.

    Those two microbes consume glucose and release mycotoxins and other enzymes which are able to block the system of immune in the body.

The Cause of Cancer in Cells – No. 2

    Another cause of cancer in cells are mutation. Mutation is changes of gene inside the cells. The genes ensure that the cells in our bodies are controlly growing and reproducing. However, a change within genes is able to happen when one cell divides, which has been said before, mutation. This mutation happens because there are too much proteins produced which encourage one cell to divide. So that cells begins to uncontrollably grow and reproduce. If this mutation happens in cancer cells, the cancer cells are more compared to normal cells, so that cancer happens.

    This is able to take years to see the symptoms of cancer even though in a scan. Moreover, the enzyme produced by bacteria in cells can block the system of immune to identify what causes cancer in cells.

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