Treatment Options For Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) treatments are various, depends on the stage of the cancer itself. But mostly, small cell lung cancer has already spreaded when it has already been seen or found, so that chemotherapy is the most common treatment for the patients who are healthy enough.

    If there is a small tumor in the lung and there is no proof of cancer, surgery in order to remove the tumor is recommended. Mediastinoscopy or any other tests are done before the operation, in order to check the spread of cancer in lymph nodes. Since surgery is not a recommended choice if the cancer has spreaded.

    The surgery to remove the tumor is usually followed by chemotherapy. If there is cancer found, radiation treatment or therapy is recommended. This radiation treatment is given with chemotherapy at the same moment. Although the side effect will increase, this combination of two treatments is said to be more effective. But if the patients have serious problems of health or the cancer has already been severe, they will not get radiation therapy.

Small cell lung cancer treatments

    If the tumor is too big, or if the tumor is located in an area which is not easy to be removed, or if it has spreaded in other area of the lung, surgery is not recommended. For healthy patients, the most standard therapy or treatment which is given is the combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatment to the chest, which is known as concurrent chemoradiation. Concurrent chemoradiation is able to help the patients with limited stage of small cell lung cancer to live longer. It also gives the patients a better chance to heal and cure the cancer.

    For the patients with extensive stage of small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy is the most recommended therapy if they are healthy enough. This therapy is able to decrease the cancer, treat the cancer symptoms, and also to live longer. The combination of chemotherapy which is the most common is etoposide plus carboplatin or cisplatin. If the chemotherapy works well to the cancer, radiation therapy is usually given to the chest. Radiation to the patient’s brain which is known as the Prophylactic Cranial Irradation (PCI) is also recommended, in order to prevent the progression of the cancer to brain.

    Lower dose is recommended if the patients get severe side effects of chemotherapy, such as problems of breathing. Those are all about small cell lung cancer treatment.

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