The Causes of Cancer You Need To Know

What are the causes of cancer are important to know, so that we are able to avoid them and prevent ourselves from any kinds of cancer. There are a lot of kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, asbestos cancer, blood cancer (leukemia), and many more. Basically, every single of us has cancer cells in our bodies. But how to make them controllably grow and reproduce? We need to avoid these causes of cancer.

Chemical Carcinogens

    There are some chemicals and also toxins in the environment which are able to make changes in the normal cells DNA called mutation. Some specific substances are able to cause particular cancers. Such as tobacco which is contained in cigarette is able to cause lung cancer, throat cancer, larynx cancer, and mouth cancer. Continuous exposure of asbestos is able to cause mesothelioma.

what are the causes of cancer

Ionizing Radiations

    Continuous exposure of radiations and also ultraviolet from the sun is able to cause melanoma, skin cancer, and other skin problems. Therapy of radiation is also able to be the reason of causing cancer. Such as therapy of chest radiation is able to lead to breast cancer.

Infections of Viral and Bacterial

    Infections of bacterial are also able to cause cancer. According to Independent Cancer Research Foundation, the infections of bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori and Fusobacterium are the most cause of cancer. Especially stomach cancer. Since those two bacteria are able to block the production of ATP molecules in cancer cells. Virus which can cause cancer is for instance Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) which can lead to servical cancer. Hepatitic C and hepatitic B can also the cause of liver cancer.


    If someone has a family member with cancer, it is possible for her or him to get cancer as well. Ovarian cancer and breast cancer are the two most kinds of cancer which are highly inherited. Someone with down syndrome is also possible to develop cancer of blood (leukemia) and testicular.

Changes of Hormonal

    This is related to the level of estrogen in female hormone. Too much hormone estrogen is able to develop cancer of uterine.

Dysfunction of Immune System

    Immune system works to identify if there is something wrong in the body. If there the immune system is dysfunctional, it will not be able to identify the cancer cells or any virus which are able to develop to cancer. This is also one of what are the causes of cancer.  

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