Relation of Sunburn and Skin Cancer

People should increase the awareness of skin cancer from sunburn since it is summer. There must be many people who love to enjoy the activity under the direct sunlight during summer. However, it is necessary for doing it properly and safely so they do not suffer from the sunburn. Sunburn has relation with the skin cancer after all. Sunburn can be found if people are overexposed to the ultraviolet radiation. Since it becomes the main reason of skin cancer, people really need to avoid the sunburn and they should enjoy the sun safely.

Sunburn Definition

Skin cancer from sunburn

Sunburn becomes the sign that the DNA which can be found in the skin cells is damaged by UV radiation exposure. People can increase melanoma skin cancer risk three times if they suffer from the painful sunburn even just once in two years. People have to know more about the characteristic of sun burnt skin. It can be as bad as blistering, peeling, and raw skin but sunburn can also be found when the skin becomes pink or red under the sun exposure. Sunburn can also be experienced on the cool days because UV rays cannot be felt.

Sun Burnt Skin

DNA in the skin cells can be damaged by UV radiation exposure which can be found in sunburn condition. It is associated with skin cancer from sunburn of course because the cells can start growing uncontrollable due to the DNA damage. The most damage can be repaired by the body but it will not be perfect because the damaged DNA can remain. The painful feeling of sunburn can be caused by the effort of the body for repairing the damage. The damaged cells will be gotten rid by the body through the peeling process after sunburn. However, the damage cells can remain although the peeling process is done. That is why it will be so much better for people to avoid the sunburn.

What to Do

It does not mean that people will develop skin cancer from sunburn. However, people must realize that the risk is higher if they get the sunburn a lot. People must be more aware about their skin. Anytime they find the skin becomes red or just pink, they need to find the shade and cover their skin so the damage can be stopped from happening. There is no use to put more sunscreen and stay out in the hot sun exposure any longer in this circumstance.

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