Radiation Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer radiation treatment is one of the most used treatment to kill the cells of prostate cancer. This treatment are also known as X-ray treatment or therapy. Radiation treatment for prostate cancer will keep the cells of prostate cancer to grow and divide and also minimize the damages to healthy and normal cells. This prostate cancer radiation treatment are divided into two kinds, which are external radiation and internal radiation.

    External radiation uses machine outside the body and direct it at the prostate. While internal radiation uses radiosotopes which produce radiation to be put into the area which is infected with cancer. Those radioactive implants can be used permanently or temporarily which the implants are removed after it reaches the right dose.

Prostate cancer radiation treatment

    The radiation of the treatment has to pass through the skin. So that there are may several changes of the skin in the area which are radiated. In the case of prostate cancer, of cause skin changes happen in prostate area. The changes of the skin can be swollen, red, sensitive, and warm. Sweat decreasing or hair loss also may happen in the area which are radiated, depends on the radiation dose received. You do not have to be worried since those reactions of skin are temporary. The effects will gradually disappear in 4 weeks to 6 weeks after the radiation treatment is complete.

    Side effects of radiation treatment which is long term can be pores enlargement, skin sensitivity increasing or deceasing, skin thickening, and also skin darkening. Those long term side effects of radiation treatment are able to last for years. Another side effects are dysfunction of erectile and urinary symptoms. For instance, bleeding, frequency, or incontinence.

    Those side effects of skin are able to be decreased by cleansing the area which are radiated with warm water and mild soap. Make sure the skin is not rubbed since it can be peeled. If you want to dry the skin, you just have to pat it smoothly with soft and clean towel. Tight clothes are not supposed to be worn by those who get radiation treatment. Choose cotton material which the fibers are natural instead of rough material such as wool. The skin area which gets radiation treatment is not supposed to be exposed directly to the sun. The side effects may be worse and lead to sunburn. Those are how to heal reactions of prostate cancer radiation treatment.

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