Exocrine Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Signs

For the early stage of pancreatic cancers, people often don’t realize the pancreatic cancer symptoms. The symptoms are not visible. When the symptoms appear, it means that the cancer has spread through outside the pancreas.


The yellow color in the eyes and skin is called jaundice. People with pancreatic cancer show this symptom. Jaundice commonly is the first symptom of pancreatic cancer. If the cancer has spread, and it comes to the liver, that’s when leading to jaundice.

Dark urine

In some cases, having darker urine is the early sign of jaundice. It happens because of the increasing of bilirubin in the blood. Then the urine’s color is brown or darker.

Light-colored stools

Typically, bilirubin makes the stools has brown color. However, if there is something blocked the bile duct, then the stools’ color becomes gray or pale.

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Itchy skin

The patient will feel itchy in the skin when the bilirubin increases. The area of the skin which is itchy turns to be yellow.

Pain on belly or back

The pancreatic cancer symptoms can be seen from the pain in the belly. When the cancer is spreading to the nerves, it may cause the back pain.

Weight and appetite loss

Sudden weight loss is typical symptoms. It happens because people with pancreatic cancer usually have no appetite.

Vomiting and nausea

When the cancer pushes the stomach and blocks it, then it’s hard for the food to go through. This can lead to vomiting and nausea after eating.

Enlargement of gallbladder

The pancreatic cancer symptoms is the gallbladder becomes larger. This happens because the cancer obstructs the bile duct. Doctor will find this symptom during the medical exam especially in physical. If the cancer reaches the liver, the pancreatic cancer enlarges the liver.

Blood clots

Doctors got the first clue of pancreatic cancer patient when they found there is a blood clot in the large vein. Commonly, doctors found in the leg. It can cause pain, redness, swelling and warmth in the area of affected leg. When the clot breaks off and go to the lungs, it will lead to difficult to breathe and pain in the chest.

Abnormalities on fatty tissue

For some cases, pancreatic cancer has different texture of fatty tissue under the skin. It happens because of the pancreatic enzymes are released which digest fat.

It doesn’t common happen to pancreatic cancers will cause diabetes. The cancers destroy the cells which makes insulin. These pancreatic cancer symptoms can lead to being hungry and thirsty and urinating often.

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