Knowing Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Knowing many types of skin cancers including basal cell skin cancer is beneficial. We will be alert with all the causes of the skin cancers. We will also live our life by doing activities promoting good health. Basal cell skin cancer is the most common to suffer. It is easy to treat this skin cancer. However, this skin cancer type can spread easily. In some cases, it can be fatal. This type of skin cancer also can cause the damage of tissues and the bones around them if it is not removed right away. Not to mention its level of recurrence. It is possible for the sufferers to recur their basal cell skin cancer five years after removing it. Knowing the symptoms, the causes, and risk factors of basal cell skin cancer is a must to know.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Symptoms of Basal cell skin cancer:

·                     The arrival of white small bumps with obvious blood vessels on face, neck, and ears. When the bumps are broken, the bump can be bleeding. In dark-skinned people, the color of the bumps can be black or brown.

·                     Basal cell skin cancer can be on the skin of every parts of the body, but most of all on the skin exposed much to the sun light. Another symptom is the arrival of flat flesh-like things on chest and back. These things are brown, scaly, and flat. They can develop into ten to 15 centimeters in size.

·                     Although rare, but a symptom like the arrival of white and slippery scratches can happen.

Causes and risk factors of Basal cell skin cancer:

1. The causes:

·                     Normally, the new skin cells will get rid the old ones. This process is controlled by the DNA. People suffering from Basal cell skin cancer will have damaged DNA caused by sun radiation or chemicals. If the DNA is damaged so it cannot control the old and new skin cells. All of them then create cancerous tumors.

2. The Risk Factors:

·                     Environment. Cumulative ultra violet effects, radiation, and chemicals can damage the skin cells.

·                     Genetic. There are some people having congenital problems that have high risks to basal cell skin cancer, such as: People with Nevoid cell carcinoma syndrome or also called Gorlin’s syndrome have a rare cell carcinoma. The cells are like waves and lie on their arms and legs. Besides that they also have abnormal backbones and cataracts. People with Bazex’s syndrome have basal cell carcinoma on their face because of the lack of the sweat produced by hair. People with Xeroderma pigmentosum will have high sensitivity to sun light. They have difficulty fixing the damage caused by UV from the sun.

What do you think? Basal cell skin cancer can be the pain in the neck, right? It is bothering. This type of cancer is really disturbing to the sufferers’ physical appearance. Hopefully we can make ourselves more aware after reading about basal cell skin cancer.

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