Facts about Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

There must be so many people either women or men who have the obsession for getting the tanned skin. They think that it will make them sexier and of course it will be useful for increasing their self confidence. For this purpose, they do not need to spend time outdoor during the summer just for making their skin exposed to the direct sun rays. Nowadays, they can use the tanning bed which will give out the ultraviolet rays which can make their skin tanned. However, people should be aware of skin cancer from tanning beds. Some facts about tanning bed must be learned further for sure.

Big Problem for Young People

The damage which is caused by the ultraviolet ray’s exposure will not be found right away. It will be developed gradually. One thing for sure, the skin will be damaged anytime people use the tanning bed. Of course there will be worse damage if people use it in long run. The risk of melanoma skin cancer can be increased if people use the tanning bed for the very first time before they are 35 years old age.

Skin cancer from tanning beds

No Better Look for More Time on Tanning Bed

Some people think that they will get better look if they get more ultraviolet ray exposure to the skin. However, there can be a time when there is no way for their skin to get darker no matter how more time they spend on the tanning bed. It will just make their skin wrinkles, leathery, as well as coarse. It will just bring more damage to the skin and it can lead to skin cancer from tanning beds.

Not Safer than Sun Tanning

Many people have the wrong understanding about the tanning condition which makes them get higher risk of skin cancer. They think that skin cancer can only be developed if they take the sun tanning. For making it safer, they consider tanning bed. In fact, tanning bed is not safer than the direct sun tanning. It is not safer because the ultraviolet radiation is still used and the skin cancer can be developed due to the overexposure of the ultraviolet radiation. People have to be more aware of the tanning bed because the ultraviolet from the tanning bed can be much higher than from the sun at the midday. Even if people try to build the tanned skin on the tanning bed gradually, it does not mean that they can tan safely and free from skin cancer from tanning beds risk.

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