What are the Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Speaking of cancer treatment, chemotherapy is one of the treatments that are highly recommended. However, aside from the cancer itself the chemotherapy cancer treatment side effects are what people mostly afraid of. Below are the three main functions of chemotherapy for cancer patients:

1) Cure Cancer

In early stage of cancer, chemotherapy is the most effective way to cure the cancerous cells by killing them all so they would not return.

2) Control Cancer

In medium or advance stage whereas the chance to kill all the cancerous cells are low, chemotherapy will be used to control the development of cancerous cells instead. Instead of killing them, chemotherapy will slow down the development and prevent the cancerous cells to affect other healthy cells.

3) Ease Off the Symptoms

Besides curing and controlling, chemotherapy is also able to ease off the symptoms or pains.
Logically, if chemotherapy could destroy cancerous cells, what happen to the healthy cells?

Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment Side Effects and Its Effect toward Healthy Cells

Chemotherapy is the most effective way to treat cancer but the side effects are also some things people should aware of:

a. Disturbing the healthy production of red blood cells
b. Affecting the heart muscle
c. Anxiety and stress
d. Affecting motor skills
e. Digestive problem and lost appetite that could lead to weight loss
f. Sexual dysfunction and fertility
g. Osteoporosis
h. Early menopause
i. Baldheadedness
j. Mouth Soreness
k. Irritated Skin
l. Brittle Nails
m. Forcing kidney to work overtime

Those are some main chemotherapy cancer treatment side effects that commonly suffered by cancer patients who are conducting chemotherapy. Those things happen due to the healthy cells are also affected or even destroyed during the process. That’s why usually the medication is not only about curing the cancer but also dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy.

Some of you may wonder whether there is solution to deal with the chemotherapy cancer treatment side effects. Well, there is no such effective solution but so far medications are applicable to ease of the symptoms only but not entirely getting rid of them.

That’s why very important for you to consult this matter with the doctor before decided to do the chemo. Furthermore, some side effects mentioned above are not all included. Each person will suffer different chemotherapy cancer treatment side effects based on the severity of the condition. The advanced the stages the more the treatment will be conducted and the more number of healthy cells will be affected as well as the side effects that will occur.


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