Breast Cancer and Young Women

When women reach 40, there will be so many things which can make them worry including the breast cancer. On the other hands, women who are under 40 usually will not think about it so much. In fact, people have to know that breast cancer case can also be found in women who are under 40. One thing for sure, breast cancer becomes the condition which can be suffered by anyone at any age. It means that breast cancer in young women is not impossible at all. That is why people have to increase the awareness about the risk factor of the breast cancer regardless of their age.

Difference about Breast Cancer in Younger Age

Breast cancer in young women

The main thing which people have to pay attention about the breast cancer in young women is about the diagnosing. People will find that it is more difficult to diagnose the breast cancer in women who are under 40. The difficulty can be found due to the young women breast tissue which is denser compared to the older women’s. If the lump can be felt, it means that the breast cancer can be in advance level. It is not the only thing which people should know because the aggressive breast cancer can be found in younger women. It will not show expected response to the treatment offered. Many young women usually will not pay attention to the warning signs but late diagnosis can be great problem to the treatment. That is why young women should be more aware if they feel the lump in the breast or nipple discharge which is not usual.

About Mammograms

There is high recommendation for women who are more than 40 years old to get the mammogram test so they can detect the breast cancer as soon as possible. However, it is known now that the breast cancer can be suffered by anyone including women in young age. In this circumstance, there is a big question about the necessity for getting mammogram as well to find out about breast cancer in young women. It is not recommended for young women (under 40) to take the regular mammogram actually. It cannot be separated from the fact that they have denser breast tissue so taking the test will show less effective result. Mammography means that there will be radiation exposure so it is better to avoid it. However, if young women have the risk factors such as breast cancer history in the family, getting mammograms can be recommended.

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