American Breast Cancer Foundation

One of the breast cancer society of America, American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) has some programs. They are Program of Breast Cancer Assistance and Community Partnership. In this year, they developed new program which called Community Advocacy. The program can be done individually or combination. It is essential to create the population to prevent the cancer. Some researches recommend that the community to reduce the separation of racial/ethnic. Since the cancer treatment are different from each person. The focus of ABCF programs is to reduce the difference and improve the rates to survive.

Breast Cancer Assistance Program

In Columbia, Maryland, the ABCF as the breast cancer society of America activates the national program of Breast Cancer Assistance. This program gives assistance in financially for the screening and diagnostic tests. The helps are especially for individuals who don’t have insurance no matter the age and gender. ABCF released the lifesaving test for all people who don’t have access. The foundation hopes that they can improve the opportunity to rule out breast cancer or to treat the early stage to successfully survive. More than 50 percent of ABCF clients have the symptoms of breast cancer.

Breast cancer society of America

Community Partnership Program

To completing the previous program of breast cancer society of America, ABCF released another breast cancer program called Community Partnership. This program cooperates with the clinics and health care. They provide the low price of screenings, diagnostic and ultrasounds. This community began in 2009 and now in 2015, ABCF has cooperated with 5 medical facilitates in 4 different states in US.

Community Advocacy Program

When someone first diagnosed having breast cancer, the reaction may be different. Those diagnoses may be said by many doctors all over the world today, yesterday or another day before. Most of them deal with various emotions, fear, shock and confused to choose what should do next. Many questions will come up in their mind about their self, career, family and many things. In this point, the person who is diagnosed will feel desperate and look for support and assistance. They need the environment that understands them in their life changing. You can imagine how relieving that you have health care worker who is qualified next to you. The person who can help you and family will inform you for every decision you make for care and treatment. This breast cancer program gives light and hope as the guidance for the patients to get the best facilities. As the breast cancer society of America, they can accompany the patients to the journey of surviving from breast cancer.

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