Alan's Story about Pancreatic Cancer

Here is one of the pancreatic cancer symptoms stories. It is a story from Alan Bentley who diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Doctor told him that he only had six months left. It began that Alan felt like only has 60% of energy. He was tired, lethargic and didn’t understand what happened to him. Then he saw the local GP, got blood test but nothing happened. After months, he returned to the GP. This time he told that his urine was orange and his stools’ color was pale. He has learnt that those symptoms referred to pancreatic cancer but the GP didn’t realize it. For the third visit, his skin and eyes are all yellow, then the GP was shocked and asked Alan to go to the local hospital.

The Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer symptoms stories

The pancreatic cancer symptoms stories started when Alan got the ultrasound and he was diagnosed having tumor in his pancreas. He was 53 years old at that time. The consultant told him that the opportunity to remove the tumor by operation was non-existent. If he had the bypass, then he would get six months left. He was so shocked. However, after talking with his wife and daughter, they went back to the consultant. Both his wife and daughter then consulted to the specialist. While waiting for the specialist, he was inserted a stent to relieve the symptoms and comfort him.

The Surgery

Then Alan and his family visited the specialist. The specialist checked his fitness and recommended to have Whipple. It is a surgery of pancreatic cancer in which removing all part pancreas and another organ. All about the operation is negative and really serious. The operation took almost nine hours. From the operation, the surgeon put two holes in his body sides. They took time to heal. He has the long scar about 18 inches along the stomach and he hospitalized for three weeks. Alan was lucky that he did not get diabetes after the surgery of pancreatic cancer. However, he lost his weigh because he had no appetite. Recently, he could eat everything and did not have problems. Alan had chemotherapy right after the surgery. In six months, he spent five days to chemo and three weeks to break. For the first time, it made him sick and had skin rash all over his face. He had also given the medicine for nausea.

Alan’s Advice

Alan gave advice to anyone who has the same condition as him that the person should refer to the specialist of pancreatic. No need to worry about Whipple’s procedure. It is worthwhile to try. That’s Alan story, one of pancreatic cancer symptoms stories.

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