7 Alternative Cancer Treatments

Here are 7 alternative treatment for cancer which can help people in fighting against the cancer. Consult the doctor if you are interested.


In acupuncture treatment, the patients will be inserted by tiny needles in some points. The acupuncture helps the patients to relieve the nausea because of chemotherapy. This also relieves specific pain for patients with cancer. Acupuncture is safe and done by the professional with sterile needles.


It is used to give calm sensation. The aromatherapy uses oils with good fragrance. Lavender scents can be put to your skin for massage or add it to bath water. This alternative treatment for cancer can relieve the pain, stress vomiting and nausea. You can have the aromatherapy by the practitioner or you use by yourself. It is safe, just pay attention if you have allergic to skin.

Alternative treatment for cancer


It will help you to handle the symptoms when you got cancer treatment. Small exercise can relieve the stress and fatigue. Moreover, it helps you sleep better. Many research found that doing exercise can help people with cancer have longer life. Start it slowly, improve little by little. Do exercises for 30 minutes in a week is great.


It is about concentrating in deep state. In the alternative treatment for cancer, the patient is hypnotized by the therapist who talks gently and helps them to relax. The therapist’s goal is commonly to control the pain and reduce the stress. This is really helpful for people with cancer who has high anxiety and stress. It can prevent the nausea and vomiting as well.


The practitioner will knead the skin, tendons and muscles in relieving the tension and promoting relaxation. There are many massage methods. Some of them are gentle and light, while other is more on deep pressure. It can help to relieve the fatigue and anxiety. Massage will be safe if it is done by the therapist. Some cancer centers provide the massage therapists.


It is about having deep concentration. You should focus to one image, idea or sound. It is better to focus on a positive thought. Deep breathing and exercises on relaxations are part of this alternative treatment for cancer. It can relieve the stress and anxiety. Having meditation for few minutes a day will be great idea.

Music therapy

In this session, the patient will listen to music, sing a song, play instruments or even write lyrics. The therapist will teach patient some activities for specific aspects. Or the patient can have group therapy. It is helpful to control the vomiting and nausea. The patient doesn’t need to have musical talent to do this alternative treatment for cancer.

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