The Breast Cancer Charities of America

The non-profit breast cancer charities of America organization are founded to help people with breast cancer to consider it as a less life-threatening illness. Health and social Organizations are included to be committed in making the researches, advocacy, support and education on breast cancers effective. The organization brings a message of the integrated-care for American women suffering from breast cancer. All American people are invited to charities to help women fight breast cancer. This organization has many programs regarding elimination of breast cancer life threat.

Programs of the Breast Cancer Charities of America:

The Breast Cancer Charities of America

·                     Education. This is about how they urge people to educate themselves about breast cancer. In their website the clear information about breast cancer is available for adult people to educate themselves. In all universities in USA, there are many events to make people more aware to breast cancers. The organization work with those universities’ health centers, gyms, sororities, etc to campaign breast cancer awareness. Brochures distributions, events, seminars, etc are held in those campuses. Why the organization wants to do it in the universities? The reason is because breast cancer sufferers in young age are increased.

·                     Online Ambassador iGoPink Program. The program is to educate the communities especially women of all ages to help spread the message of the breast cancer awareness.

·                     Fund Raising program for helping the sufferers to live their life normally. The fund includes helping the sufferers to pay electricity bills, rent, other daily needs, etc.

·                     Special program to make women suffering from breast cancer feel comfortable about how they look. Most women suffering from breast cancers and have to let go their breasts will feel insecure and not comfortable. They may think they lose their sexuality and femininity. This program is to help them feel beautiful again. They help them with the awareness to feel good about their appearance. They educate how nice clothes, cosmetics, jewelry can help them feel beautiful again. They cannot forget all the things to make women look beautiful.

·                     Medical support program. Some sufferers have enough money to fight breast cancers and some don’t. The organization work with other organizations, companies, institutions to help donate medical equipment, medicines, and medical supplies for the sufferers. This is not only for American women suffering from breast cancers but also for clinics and hospitals in developing countries.

·                     Scholarship program. The organization has prepared money for those sufferers who want to continue their studies. Not all sufferers can get the scholarship. The organization has criteria to select the scholars.

All American women suffering from breast cancers can get help from the organization. Hospitals and clinics in developing countries also can get help from the organization. Surely, there will be requirement and criteria to select. Not only medicines, supplies, and equipment, but very important information about breast cancers can be obtained from the organization. Women in higher economy obviously only need those important information about how to fight or prevent breast cancers. Hopefully the article about how great the breast cancer charities in America is can inspire the readers to be more aware of the breast cancers

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