Figuring out the Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Every woman in this world needs to know the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most vicious killers that have taken away millions of women’s live. Things get worse when breast cancer is followed by inflammation in the breast area. If it is that way, there will be no other way out than to go on surgery and remove the breast. Knowing how dangerous it is, we need to be aware of the cancer and at least know the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer. Below are some of them.

1.             Breast Warmth

Breast is not supposed to be warm. That is why when the breast is warm especially it is just one of the breasts, you need to be worried. If the breast is warm, it can be an obvious sign of inflammation inside the breast. It can be also the sign that a lot of tissues inside the breast are swelling. That is why if you experience this, you need to make sure that you get medical help as soon as possible. The earlier treatment you get, the better chance you will get to recover from the cancer.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

2.             Breast Redness

Other sign of breast cancer with inflammation is breast redness. The redness is not followed by itchy feeling unlike rash. It is followed by painful feeling on the breast area and also the warmth. The redness is not only found in the small area of the breast. It can be found in almost one-third of the breast and more. It indicates that there are inflamed tissues inside the breast area. That is why if you have this symptoms, make sure that you contact your doctor as soon as possible.

3.             Breast Skin Thickening

The breast skin is supposed to be very soft and moist. It is also very elastic. However, if you have inflammatory breast cancer, the skin of the breast will get thickened. It is no longer moist and elastic. It is also slightly swelled and become harder. The best way to overcome this symptom is probably to compress the breast area with ice bags or something. However, it is just temporarily soothe the pain. You still have to go to doctor and find out if it is a real symptom of just a normal rash.

Make sure that you do not take any of those symptoms for granted because the cancer is dangerous and finding out the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer is incredibly essential.

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