Skin Cancer Moles to be Alerted

Skin cancer moles found on the skin have to be alerted. These moles cause Melanoma Skin Cancer. Melanoma is a kind of rare but dangerous skin cancer. From the skin, the melanoma skin cancer can spread throughout the body. The common symptoms of Melanoma skin cancer is the emerging of new moles and different appearance of existing moles. These moles can come up on the skin of every part of the body, but on the skin of face, hands, legs, and back are the most common. Melanoma moles come shapeless with more than one color. The moles attacked by Melanoma can be very itchy. When they are rubbed, they can be bleeding. The size of Melanoma moles is bigger than the normal ones. How can we differentiate the Melanoma moles and normal moles?

Skin Cancer Moles

Characteristics of Melanoma skin cancer moles:

·                     The Shapes: Melanoma moles are shapeless.

·                     The Color: The colors of Melanoma moles are usually the mixture of two or three colors.

·                     The Size: Melanoma moles are usually bigger that the normal ones. The diameter of Melanoma moles is bigger than 6 millimeter.

·                     The Edges: The edges of Melanoma moles are rough and odd.

What should people with symptoms of Melanoma skin cancer do? Go to the dermatologist right away is the right thing to do. During the visit to the dermatologist, he or she will determine whether the sufferer’s skin needs further checking or not. First thing first, he or she will do the biopsy. This is good to determine whether the moles are leading to Melanoma skin cancer or not.

Further Tests to be taken after being declared to be Melanoma symptoms:
·                     Blood test
·                     X-Ray Image Test
·                     CT Scan
·                     MRI Scan

After doing these tests plus a biopsy called Lymph Nodes Sentinel Biopsy, the dermatologist will find out if you have Melanoma skin cancer stage 1, 2, 3, or 4. Take a look at the treatments for each type the dermatologist may do.

Treatments for Melanoma Skin cancers:

1.             Melanoma Skin Cancer Stage 1: The sufferers have to undergo a local plastic surgery to get rid of the Melanoma cells and the skin around them. If the plastic surgery leaves the sufferers significant scars then skin transplant surgery will be the best choice.

2.             Melanoma Skin Cancer Stage 2: Plastic surgery and skin transplant surgery will be the best choice. The same treatment with the treatment with stage 1 Melanoma. If the Melanoma skin cancer has already spread to the nearest lymph nodes, a further surgery may be taken with total anesthetic. The risk of the spread to the lymph nodes is the damage of the lymph nodes system that causes body liquid buildup. If the operation goes well, the sufferers cannot be relieved and forget to consult to the dermatologist. The sufferers have to be alerted of the recurrence.

3.             Melanoma Skin Cancer Stage 3: The treatment is the same with those in stage 2.

4.             Melanoma Skin Cancer stage 4: This cancer may not be cured. The treatments given are only to slower the spread and to prolong the life of the sufferers. If the sufferers are not willing to be cured medically, there will be pain killers available to consume.

Now we can see that Melanoma cancers can be very deadly. All we have to do is learn how to prevent them. It is hoped that the article about skin cancer moles can be beneficial to you.

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