Knowing the Signs of Skin Cancer on Face

Signs of skin cancer on face may determine the type of skin cancer the sufferers have. We are familiar with skin cancers. Skin cancers often attack people in modern society. There are Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma, and Basal Cell Carcinoma skin cancers. It is very essential for us to know the symptoms of them. One of the signs of skin cancer on face is when there is a development of cancer cells on the face. The face skin cancer happens in the layers of basal cells, melanocytes, and squamous. However, we need to know that the skin cancers cannot be on the face only they can be on the skin of other parts of the body.

1.             Basal Cell Carcinoma on face is the most common skin cancer. The bumps, brown marks, and warts are the signs of cancer of face. This cancer is usually benign and cannot spread to other parts of the body. Those bumps, marks, and warts can be removed by the dermatologists for only thirty minutes.

2.             Squamose Cell Carcinoma on face is a bit different from the basal cell carcinoma. It can spread quickly if it is not cured right away. The red bumps will come up on the face of the sufferers. If they don’t get help right away, the bumps will become scaly and crusty.

3.             Melanoma on face is the most dangerous. It can spread to other parts of the body including the lymph nodes and other vital organs. Chemotherapy and other aggressive treatments can be chosen to cure this skin cancer.

Whether the skin cancer is benign or deadly, it is always scary to suffer from skin cancer. We need to do some things to prevent skin cancers.

Signs of Skin Cancer on Face

Things to do to prevent skin cancers:

·                     Drink coffee everyday may reduce about 5 percent non-melanoma skin cancers development. Coffee contains anti-oxidant that may help prevent skin cancer. However, a professor from Wayne State University said that coffee lovers usually love being at home. They are not outdoors for a long time so they are not exposed to the sun much.

·                     Consume vegetables and fruits.

·                     Do not expose yourself to the sun too long, especially the sun shines between 9 am to 4 pm.
·                     Do not do the tanning often and avoid UV tanning beds.

·                     Have enough sun shines. Because the skin that is never exposed to the sun is not a healthy skin at all. Just don’t have it too much.

·                     Wear sunscreen.

·                     Do not use nail polish too much because the skin cancer may happen on the foot skin and under the skin under the nail.

·                     Go to the dermatologist for tips to choose cosmetics, sunscreen, sun blocks, etc.

It is not hard to do all the tips to protect your skin from skin cancers, right? Be disciplined if you want to prevent skin cancers. Hopefully this signs of skin cancer on face article makes you inspired to be aware of skin cancers.

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