How Smoking Can Causes Cancer

For some years of research, the study on types of cancer caused by smoking is now clear. In UK, 1 of 4 persons died because of cancer. Over 100 million people died because of tobacco all over the world. The only one to prevent those deaths is only by stopping to smoke.

Cancers caused by smoking.

Types of cancer caused by smoking

Most cases, smoking can cause lung cancer. Of all cancers, lung cancer has the lowest rates in terms of the survival. It is also the biggest cause of death in the UK. Moreover, smoking increases the risk of over 13 cancers. The types of cancer caused by smoking are cancers of esophagus, larynx, bladder, throat, kidney, bowel, liver, pancreas, cervix, nose, ovary and leukemia. In addition, some evidence shows that smoking can lead the risk of getting breast cancer.

Body parts which are affected by smoking.

Cigarette smoke has its chemicals in cigarettes which can enter the blood stream. Then the chemical can affect the whole body. It can be the reason why smoking may cause to many diseases. Smoking can lead to over 15 types of cancer, lung diseases and heart diseases.

How smoking can cause cancer.

The way smoking can cause cancer is that the chemical in the cigarette damages the DNA. It also damages the key genes in the body which protect people against cancer. The chemicals in cigarettes in the cigarettes which damage in the DNA are polonium-210, nitrosamines, benzene and benzo(a)pyrene. Those chemicals in cigarettes are already the worst for types of cancer caused by smoking. However, they are getting worse by other chemicals in cigarettes found in cigarettes. For instance, chromium creates poisons like benzo(a)pyrene which stick to the DNA strongly. It increased the opportunity to the severe damage. Other chemicals in cigarettes such as nickel and arsenic block the ways to repair the broken DNA. The damaged cells will turn easily to be cancer.

How long the period for smoking to cause cancer.

Typically, it will take years or even decades the damage of DNA causing cancer. Actually, human body is designed to cope with the damage, but too much harmful chemicals in cigarettes are difficult for body to deal with. The chemicals in cigarettes found in tobacco smoke. Every cigarette can be harm for DNA in the lung cells. The damage on the same cell which increases more and more can cause cancer. For each smoking 15 cigarettes, there will be one DNA change that can cause cancer. For not getting types of cancer caused by smoking, this is the important reason why people should stop smoking as soon as possible.

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