Understanding Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

There are several early signs of ovarian cancer that we can easily notice. Some of them probably are quite common but again this is only the early sign. Soon, the symptoms will be more noticeable. Ovarian cancer is the kind of cancer attacking women especially in the reproductive area. This cancer is very dangerous and life-threatening. Thus, you need to know and understand the early signs of ovarian cancer. Below are some of them.

1.             Fatigue

The feeling of tiredness and weakness are the ways your body telling you that there is something wrong with it. You may do nothing all day but anyway you will get tired and you will feel so unwell. If you experience this, make sure that you seek medical help as soon as possible so that you can figure out more about this condition.

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

2.             Upset Stomach

Having upset stomach is normal if it does not help so often. However, if the upset stomach is so painful and it happens a lot of times during a short time period, you must get help from your doctor or from the hospital because it can be the early symptom of ovarian cancer.

3.             Back Pain

Sometimes, back pain will also be felt by women who have ovarian cancer. This pain on the back is caused by the inflamed ovary area and it spreads to the back area. The pain is quite sharp and quite tiring. You will feel like your back is burning and hurt when it is touched. If you feel this kind of pain, it is better to seek medical help as soon as possible.

4.             Pain During Sex

Because the ovary is so close with the sex organs and it fact it is one of them, there will be very painful sex that will be experienced by the women who have ovarian cancer. The pain will not be located in the vagina area but more on the ovary area. It shows that the ovary has inflamed and it is not in a good condition.

5.             Menstrual Changes

Surely, the ovarian cancer will affect the menstrual cycle of a woman. Thus, women who have regular menstrual cycle will no longer have it when they have ovarian cancer. Beside of that, when they have the period, it will be so painful. The pain will be more than just the pain of menstrual cramp. It can be one of the most noticeable early signs of ovarian cancer.

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