Does skin cancer itch?

Does skin cancer itch? That is probably one of the things we want to know about skin cancers. Benign and deadly skin cancers are all frightening. We need to alert if we get itchy on our skin because itches according to the experts may lead to serious skin cancers. If we don’t want to get scared, first thing to do is to know the kinds of itches. Itches can be caused by fungi, bacteria, parasites, viruses and allergy. From the appearance of the itches we usually can identify the itches. If the itches caused by allergy, the itches usually go just like that, except if we rub the itches hard. They can be infectious. For the itches caused by fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria, the sufferers are suggested to go to the doctors to have medication prescribed by the doctors. It is not wise if we use medication by ourselves. It is to prevent the itches to be worse. Always make our skin clean is the way to prevent skin from many kinds of itches. Wear clean clothes, take a bath every day, don’t wear other people’s clothes are good habits that can promote healthy skin free from itches. According to the dermatologists, itches also can happen to people suffering from non-melanoma skin cancers.

Does skin cancer itch

Some facts about itches and pains in lesions:

·                     Multiple lesions with itches and pain look suspicious
·                     More than one third of the skin cancers lesions are itchy
·                     Thirty percent of the lesions are painful
·                     Many people with non–melanoma skin cancers have painful and itchy lesions.
·                     Melanoma lesions are not itchy and painful.
·                     Basal cell carcinoma and squamous carcinoma are itchy and painful.

The researches highlight that the existence and intensity of pains and itches in lesions are the things that can determine whether someone suffers from skin cancer or not. Nobody wants to suffer from skin cancers so we need to know more about the causes in order not to do activities promoting skin cancers.

The causes of skin cancers:

1.             Genetic factor and family history.

2.             Race may be the cause of skin cancer. Caucasian people are more vulnerable to skin cancers than colorful people.

3.             Chemicals such as arsenic like in pesticides and insecticides, and nitrogen mustard can cause skin cancers.

4.             The sun light that is carcinogenesis has ultraviolet B (UVB.) The ozone layers to prevent UVB are now thinning out because of too many chemical uses. So, people suffering from skin cancers are increasing.

5.             The Ionizing rays usage in radiotherapy and radiation can be the cause of skin cancer.

6.             Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can cause skin cancers as well.

Knowing kinds of itches and causes of skin cancers will definitely broaden your health knowledge. We can answer easily the question “Does skin cancer itch”? The answer is yes, the non-malignant skin cancer can be itchy and painful.

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